10+ Phone Spy Apps to Track a Loved One

Best 10 + Phone Spy Apps to Track a Lover - Making Sense of Security

Best 10 Phone Spy Apps to Track a Lover If you’re looking for a way to spy on your loved one’s phone, there are a number of phone spy apps available that can help you do just that.  These apps allow you to monitor phone activity, track location, and even view text messages and call

10 Best Ways College Students Can Safely Use Dating Apps

How College Students Can Use Dating Apps Safely  College students are a prime target for cybercriminals. Many college students are active on dating apps, which can be a great way to meet fellow students. Students new to a college or university may use dating apps as a way to meet new mates and find new

What is Identity Theft?

What is Identity Theft? Identity theft is a serious problem that can have a lasting impact on your finances and credit. It can even prevent you from gaining employment.  Worse, those committing Identity theft can use your identity and accrue a criminal record in your name. And you may not even be aware of it

5 Scam Prevention Tips for Seniors

How can people who didn’t grow up with technology protect themselves against some of the most common types of online fraud? 5 Scam Prevention Tips for Seniors Did you know that scammers prey on the elderly more than any other age group? In fact, one study found that seniors lose approximately $36.5 billion each year

How Fake Phone Numbers are Spoofed

How Fake Phone Numbers are Spoofed Scammers and cyber criminals have gotten quite clever when it comes to getting your attention. With technology advancing so quickly, it becomes challenging keeping up with the latest scam and how it is masked.  Cyber scammers have turned to calling and text messaging your phone numbers to get information

Child Abduction 101: Difference between Kidnapping and Abduction 

How to Protect Your Children from Being Kidnapped or Abduction  Every parent wants to do everything they can to prevent their child from being kidnapped or abducted. But what’s the difference between the two?  Most people think that kidnapping and abduction are one and the same, but there is actually a big difference between the

3 Best Ways to Clone a Mobile Phone

3 Ways How Someone Can Clone Your Cell Phone to See Text Messages and Other Data Remotely  You know the world we live in today – it’s full of unpredictable and dangerous things. Anyone who accesses their computer daily can face dangers even when they stay at home alone!  For instance, adults might fall victim

How Cyber Insurance Can Protect You

Importance of cyber insurance As more and more businesses move online, the risk of cyberattacks increases. A cyberattack can result in the loss of sensitive data, downtime, and reputation damage. Cyber insurance can help protect your business from the financial consequences of a cyberattack. Cyber insurance can help cover the cost of investigating and repairing

The 10 Best Spy Apps for Catching a Cheater

How to Find out if Their Cheating with these 10 Best Spy Apps The person you love the most has a phone, and that means they’re constantly communicating. Whether it’s because of work or personal life- if someone is always on their device then there’ll be much accumulated communication data and conversation histories.  If you’re

Best 4 Apps to Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Phone

  4 Best Apps to Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Phone Without the Target Phone Do you ever wonder what you boyfriend may be up to? Does your boyfriend or girlfriend leave you wondering if they may be seeing someone else or worse, cheating on you?  We all get frustrated and annoyed with lover’s behaviours. We

10 Best Mobile Phone Number Tracker with Google Maps

Best 10 Mobile Number Tracker with Google Map Are you looking for mobile phone tracking software? Do you wish for it to show the device location on a map? You actually can find such technology and use it to your benefit.  There are many reasons to track phones. From monitoring children, family or even finding

Do You Trust Him? 6 Ways How to Detect if Your Lover is Cheating

Do you trust him? 6 Best Ways How to Detect if your Lover is Cheating Have those thoughts started popping in your head when you question if your mate may be cheating?  You may have started to notice that your boyfriend or your girlfriend has been behaving differently towards you.  You might have noticed that

How to Log Into Someone’s Instagram: 4 Proven Ways 

4 Ways to Log Into Someone’s Instagram  In the world of images, Instagram is the one social media platform that is known for images being posted. Instagram requires an image to be uploaded from mobile devices in order to post.  People can comment on photos shared and many enjoy the interaction. Users can follow or

How to Protect Your Credit

Here are 14 Simple Steps to Help Protect Your Credit Today It has become more important than ever today to protect your credit and financial data. With identity theft on the rise, one can never be too protective of their credit. Financial crimes keep multiplying and the growth will never stop.  Protecting your credit is

How to Track Your Boyfriend’s Phone Location for Free

How to Track My Boyfriend’s Phone and Location for Free Do you wonder who your boyfriend is texting? Do you know where your husband goes?  If you are like most people, curiosity can get to you.  There are ways you can find out the answers to the questions circling in your head. You want to

Best Cyber Dating Tips to Stay Safe on Dating Apps

Best Cyber Dating Tips to Stay Safe on Dating Apps Online dating is one of the many ways to meet today when looking for love. Dating apps have become quite popular and extremely convenient. Just like social media apps, there are so many dating apps today.  There’s more than just Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and Match. Each

How to Monitor Your Family’s Phones

How FlexiSPY Can Help Monitor Your Family’s Phones Are you looking for a spy app, but wondering why you should choose FlexiSPY? With so many spy apps claiming to be the best, it’s hard to figure out which one is best for your needs.  That’s why we decided to focus on FlexiSpy features for you

Warning Signs of Identity Theft

Warning Signs of Identity Theft Having your private information that can personally identify you stolen and used for scrupulous purposes can be devastating. The crime of identity theft is happening in abundance and will soon happen to each individual on the plant.  Knowing what identity theft is, how it happens, the warning signs and what

Top 10 + Dating Scam Signs

Top 10 + Signs of Dating Scammers Many people everyday going looking for love in the most convenient way – online dating apps. Just like the users on such dating services, there are so many dating sites to choose from. There’s more than just Tinder. You have many choices like Bumble, Match, OKCupid, or even

Best 3 Tips for Retrieving Deleted Messages on Snapchat

Best 3 Tips for Retrieving Deleted Messages on Snapchat Snapchat was invented for users to communicate through interactive messages, including videos and snapshots. This very popular and unusual messenger has two major features. First, it offers inexhaustible editing capabilities. Second, any content that the user sends to another person is available for a certain length

Car Hacking Hits the Streets

The top-three carmakers sell only connected vehicles in the United States – and other manufacturers are catching up – creating a massive opportunity for attacks, which black-hat hackers are not overlooking.   (image by Tomasz Zajda, via Adobe Stock) In 2020, the connected-car market will reach a tipping point, with the majority of vehicles already

How to Install Android Spy App Remotely

  How to Install Mobile Phone Spy App for Android Remotely Monitoring and tracking a cell phone has become quite easy with today’s technology. Using spyware can be advantageous-depending which side of the coin you are on. Adding monitoring software to a mobile device can be done so smoothly. This is great when it comes

TikTok Riddled With Security Flaws

The video sharing app has fixed several flaws allowing partial account takeover and information exposure. Researchers say they have discovered several major vulnerabilities in the short form video app TikTok. The reported vulnerabilities come as scrutiny around the Chinese-owned platform increases. Researchers say the most serious vulnerability in the platform could allow attackers to remotely

Best 12 Steps for Identity Theft Prevention

Best 12 Steps for Identity Theft Prevention Identity theft is happening much too often as technology advances. The number of bad guys out to get your private and financial data is only multiplying.  Some say it may be just a matter of time to fall victim to having private identifying information stolen.  The less people

5 Cyber Safety Tips

With October being Cyber Awareness Month, there s much that people need to know to stay safe online. Especially on social media. It’s more than not sharing any financial information. You need to protect your private data! Here are 5 simple Cyber Safety tips to help you stay secure. Get your copy of these tips

5 Cyber Tips for Cautious Online Activity

It’s almost time for the holiday season which means people love to share what they shop for, events and parties they attend and more. From posting to social media to shopping online, the more convenience we have at our fingertips, so do cybercriminals and others with bad intent. Check out these cyber tips below to

Strong Password Tips

Online Safety Guidelines for Strong Passwords Quick tips for creating and saving your online passwords and making them strong. Make Passwords Long Use passwords longer than six characters when possible. Especially with most characters being from the Alphabet.  Don’t Use Personal Information Avoid using demographics, birthdates or names from your loved ones. Including pets.  Change

7 Best Online Safety Tips

Best 7 Online Safety Tips Video for Cybersecurity Awareness Month October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Here are some basic online tips from Making Sense of Security to keep your digital activity safe. Don’t Give Out Personal Information Avoid online phishing attempts by keeping your personal information private. Don’t give out your phone number, social

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Cybersecurity applies to the measures taken to protect a computer or computer system (as on the Internet) against unauthorized access or attack.  Here we at Making Sense of Security provide a few simple measures to help you stay safe in the digital world.  BASIC