Why Should You Be Using DMARC? 3 Billion Spoofed Emails are Being Sent Everyday

In a recent report from TechRadar, email is still the most popular form of malware distribution. Billions of emails that are spoofed are being sent everyday.

Even though email is still the oldest form of online communication, it is still the go-to platform for cybercriminals to attempt to infiltrate.

According to the report by Vailmail, “80% of all email inbox providers do DMARC check on inbound emails”.

And with the pandemic, COVID-19 has been the key target for recent malicious email activity. Especially since your organization is still working remote.

Since the increase enforcing of Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC), a report from Vailmail found that there is still an influx of spoofed email messages.

Despite this enforcement, 1.28 million domain owners worldwide having configured DMARC for their domain. Only 14% are protected by the policy.

The report also claims that domains without DMARC are five times more likely to be targeted with spoofing, which means that it’s important to still adopt this policy.

“Privacy laws already exist in Europe and parts of the United States, and if a company does any business in those areas, a DMARC policy at enforcement is essential,” said Alexander García-Tobar, CEO and co-founder, Valimail.

DMARC is not going away anytime. It’s important to adopt this policy, and other security measures. The most effective method your organization can utilize is new-school security awareness training. Your users can spot and report any suspicious email activity.

TechRadar has the full story.

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