Top 10 Holiday Shopping Cyber Safety Tips

Top 10 Holiday Shopping Cyber Safety Tips - Making Sense of Security

Top 10 Holiday Shopping Cyber Safety Tips

It’s that time of year to sport holiday git shopping. Some may find joy in online shopping and some enjoy using your online shopping activity to benefit themselves. This includes capturing your private and financial data.

Each year, numerous online shoppers fall victim to online theft, scams, fake shopping sites, compromised financial data, stolen items and much more!

Have you fallen victim to online robbery? Do you know all the signs to look for to prevent from falling in cybercriminals traps?

Making Sense of Security has put together the top 10 tips to best help you now and for the holiday season to prevent from losing your money, identity and mind.

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Top 10 Holiday Shopping Tips

Always use HTTPS secured websites with the lock.

Never enter bank or credit card info without the secured website.

Never store your credit card info on any shopping site.

Never store your actual physical address in any shopping site.

Delete cookies after shopping.

Use a private single window when shopping online. Close window promptly after completing purchase.

Use a prepaid debit card instead when shopping online. The limited amount prevents losing too much money if compromised.

Pick up purchases in the store if unable to be home for deliver. This disables opportunities for “Porch Pirates”.

Use a separate email specifically for shopping websites. This can be your shopping junk mail account. Do not mingle financial emails with others.

Do not post your gift shopping online where “virtual friends” can see what you have. What you post can be screenshot and shared with others you won’t know.

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