Top 10 + Dating Scam Signs

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Top 10 + Signs of Dating Scammers

Many people everyday going looking for love in the most convenient way – online dating apps. Just like the users on such dating services, there are so many dating sites to choose from.

There’s more than just Tinder. You have many choices like Bumble, Match, OKCupid, or even Grindr.

These love connection makers offer specialization to find love within various age groups, interests, religion, family, pets and even food preferences.

There is a large sea of fish out there on the romance apps.

And there is even a larger amount of fake imposters pretending to be looking for love.

They are scammers.

These scammers are worse than cheaters.

And many may have encountered one. Whether you know it or not.

You may also know someone who you believe is being or has been baited by these fake fishers.

They may have believed them and grew to trust a fake digital persona.

To help you be aware and collect your smarts, we have put together a simple list of telltale signs your cyber lover most likely is a fake.

Especially if they have more than two signs from below.

Let’s face facts, those looking for love can benefit from dating tips!

Read on!

Top 10 + Signs of Dating Scammers


Images used of person seem too professional or even too vague. Ask for photos with friends and family to ensure they have not used stock images.


Romance scammers love being romantic by offering to send flowers. They need you to send your address or GPS location to know where to send you gifts. And also to scope your assets and your vulnerabilities. NEVER use GPS for a “lover” to locate you. Especially when you can not confirm where they are.

Quick Attachment

Coming on too quick too soon is a major red flag. Especially when they proclaim deep love even if you two have not spoken verbally or even seen each other live.

Alternative Communication Platforms

scammers make a concentrated effort to move the conversation to another communication platform. Dating platforms have ways to detect scammers besides the reporting feature. Going to Google Hangouts is a huge red flag.

Never Meeting in Person

Scammers often have to work abroad for extended periods of time, such as members of the military, oil riggers, volunteers etc. These “professionals” should be focusing on their mission.

Lack of Internet Connections

Romantic scammers will claim they can not send real photos, take selfies, make video phone calls or the like because of faulty Internet connections. Yet, this is where YOU need to wake up and realize they did contact you through the internet.


They want to get married QUICK! And you probably have not even met! Marriage is like prison. It can be for life. There is NO rush into a life changing decision.

Asking for Private Information

Many romance scammers pretend to want to get to know you and your family. They’ll ask questions like your mom’s maiden name, past schools, pets. Basically the answers to security questions. NEVER give out your financial information either!

Incorrect Language Skills

Scammers will say they are in America or even Canada and speak some form of English. Yet there slang does not match or they speak too textbook proper. Or even yet, they make sentences they truly do not translate well to English. Red flag they are overseas!


The biggest red flag scam is asking for money for which ever reason. First, women should NEVER have to give a gentleman money. Second, NEVER give money to someone you have not known for over half your life. NEVER EVER GIVE MONEY ON THE INTERNET!

If they ask for help, refer them to appropriate sources

This is especially true if your other cyber half is located outside of the physical United States. Refer them to the United States Embassy or a Consulate if they ask for help or money. It’s an appropriate response.

If your cyber sweetheart gets angry at your lack of help, not only is their reaction and behavior blaring signs they are scamming but also a burning red flag for you to not be with them. Signs of abusive disorders can only hide for so long.

For more information abut Romance Scams, check out what the FBI has to say.

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