Vehicles Most Likely To Survive An EMP Attack

The 3 Vehicles Most Likely To Survive An EMP Attack

When it comes to disasters we all hope that our vehicle will get us out of dodge if needed… But, what would you do if there was an EMP attack? An electromagnetic pulse attack (EMP) is a burst of electromagnetic energy, it can be a natural occurrence or man-made. The problem is, there is no guarantee what will or won’t be damaged from an EMP. Our electric grid would likely be heavily damaged, if...

survive brutal cold

Military Tips To Survive The Brutal Cold

“A man in the cold is not necessarily a cold man.”– Mike Tipton. Knowing how to survive is key. Tyson S. was a 30-year-old man from Utah who moved to a remote part of Alaska. He had been living alone after purchasing his cabin. His nearest neighbor was over 20 miles away. Beautiful mountains, rivers, and lakes separated Tyson from civilization. Yet, one mistake almost cost him his life. Tyson told police that his...

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