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Why Identity Theft is on the Rise

Reasons Identity Theft is Increasing  Identity theft is on the rise for a number of reasons. Every year, millions of Americans have their identity stolen, and the problem is only getting worse. Identity theft is a rapidly growing problem in the United States. Identity theft is a problem that affects more people every year. There are…

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Should You Get These Identity Protection Services?

  Choosing Identity Theft Protection Services to Help You Marriott International was the victim of one of the largest cyberattacks in history. Over four years, hackers stole about 500 million records from Marriott’s Starwood Hotels reservation system. According to Marriott, about 327 million of the accounts included passport details. Hackers exposed the personal data of…

15+ Ways Identity Theft Can Happen to You

How Personal Information Can be Used for Identity Theft Identity theft is a major problem in the United States, with millions of Americans falling victim to it each year.  Identity theft occurs when someone uses your personal information without your permission, usually for financial gain.  This is how Identity theft can have a devastating effect…

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What is Identity Theft?

What is Identity Theft? Identity theft is a serious problem that can have a lasting impact on your finances and credit. It can even prevent you from gaining employment.  Worse, those committing Identity theft can use your identity and accrue a criminal record in your name. And you may not even be aware of it…

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5 Scam Prevention Tips for Seniors

5 Scam Prevention Tips for Seniors How can people who didn’t grow up with technology protect themselves against some of the most common types of online fraud? Did you know that scammers prey on the elderly more than any other age group? In fact, one study found that seniors lose approximately $36.5 billion each year…

How to Protect your Credit - Making Sense of Security

How to Protect Your Credit

Here are 14 Simple Steps to Help Protect Your Credit Today It has become more important than ever today to protect your credit and financial data. With identity theft on the rise, one can never be too protective of their credit. Financial crimes keep multiplying and the growth will never stop.  Protecting your credit is…

Making Sense of Security - Warning Signs of Identity Theft

Warning Signs of Identity Theft

Warning Signs of Identity Theft Having your private information that can personally identify you stolen and used for scrupulous purposes can be devastating. The crime of identity theft is happening in abundance and will soon happen to each individual on the plant.  Knowing what identity theft is, how it happens, the warning signs and what…

Best 12 Steps for Identity Theft Prevention - Making Sense of Security

Best 12 Steps for Identity Theft Prevention

Best 12 Steps for Identity Theft Prevention Identity theft is happening much too often as technology advances. The number of bad guys out to get your private and financial data is only multiplying.  Some say it may be just a matter of time to fall victim to having private identifying information stolen.  The less people…

home title deed stolen

Is your home title already stolen?

Is your home title already stolen? How to Find out! Norris Fisher sold $4 million worth of property during his career… But, none of the sales he made were legal. He stole people’s property out from underneath them using forged documents and fake credentials. Here’s an example of the type of crimes Norris and his…

$100 Giveaway

Win $100 Giveaway!

Yes! That is right! We are giving away $100 Wal-Mart gift card! To enter for a chance to win, just click here! The $100 Winner will randomly be selected at the end of the month and notified promptly. Share the link with friends for chance of double entries to increase your chances to WIN! We…

Another Tax Season, More Scams

Another Tax Season, More Scams

It’s the start of tax season. This is the time of year when we collect our receipts and tax forms and hope for a nice big refund from the U.S. government. Unfortunately, cybercriminals are also looking for a nice big score as well. This year is going to be worse than ever, as many people…

stimulus coronavirus

Beware Of GetYourStimulusCheck.com And Other Coronavirus-Themed Domains

The likely victims, and what they can lose. With people losing jobs and businesses closing shop due to the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. government has decided earlier this year to release financial aid. This assistance comes in the form of a US$2-trillion monetary stimulus package with the implementation of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic…

Why Thieves are Targeting your Trash

Why Thieves are Targeting your Trash

A group of criminals in St. Tammany Parish, LA were arrested after they went dumpster diving. This criminal ring was targeting trash from a local loan business – one of those “cash now” places. The group rummaged through the trash to gather personal information about customers. They used this information to either steal existing credit…

LinkedIn data breach of 500m accounts

Data scraped from 500 million LinkedIn users found for sale online

IDs, names, email addresses and more personal details are part of the massive database of stolen data, which could be used to launch additional attacks on LinkedIn and its users. A massive trove of LinkedIn account data has been found for sale online, containing 500 million user records including email addresses, phone numbers, links to…

Spoofing Tailored to Financial Departments

Spoofing Tailored to Financial Departments

Researchers at Area 1 Security have warned of a large spear phishing campaign targeting financial departments and C-suite employees with spoofed Microsoft 365 login pages. The researchers say that in some cases the attackers “specifically targeted newly-selected CEOs during critical transitionary periods.” Additionally, the attackers went after executives’ assistants. “Beyond financial departments, the attackers also…

Cybercrime Officially Has Its Own Global Ecosystem

Cybercrime Officially Has Its Own Global Ecosystem

Cybercrime Officially Has Its Own Global Ecosystem. From Services to Distribution, to Monetization, cybercriminals are getting so organized, cybersecurity experts are now beginning to see how vast the relationships to cybercrime and connections really are.

It’s worrisome when your organization comes under cyberattack in the first place.

How Does Ransomware Spread Globally? Through Malware.

How Does Ransomware Spread Globally? Through Malware.

Ransomware is a type of malware that involves encrypting a company’s or individual’s useful data or blocking users from accessing their computer systems in exchange for a given amount of money. Cybercriminals are always on the look-out for creatives means for getting a hold of your data so that they can have them at ransom.…

Vendor Email Compromise is Officially A Big (Seven-Figure) Problem

While the Solarwinds “sunburst” attack brought to light the compromising of a vendor, Vendor Email Compromise has been around for some time and now seems to be going mainstream. We first mentioned Vendor Email Compromise (VEC) back in late 2019. This method of compromising an email account at one company purposely to use it to…

how to make sense of security: Ransomware: The Types of and How to Make Ransomware?

Ransomware: The Types of and How to Make Ransomware?

How to Make Ransomware? Ransomware is a type of malware that operates by either locking you out of your computer or mobile device or by manipulating your files in such a way that you cannot access nor utilize them. Ransomware attacks have been on the rise in the recent past, which can be explained by…


eCommerce Payment Systems – How to Choose the Best One for Your eCommerce Startup

There are 3,4 million digital payment system users worldwide. This figure is almost equal to the number of social media users globally and the half of word’s population to date. It is a strong enough reason to believe that online payments dominate the ways we pay for goods and transfer money. What is more, online payments for e-commerce websites are the features your online store can’t do without. So, here are all the answers to your “how” and “why” questions….

How Internet Security Evolved in Tandem with iGaming

How Internet Security Evolved in Tandem with iGaming

For a non-biological entity, the internet is an area filled with constant and unstoppable evolution. From the hardware which backs it to the software systems it carries, nothing in this arena stays the same for long. One of the most major forms these changes take is seen in the world of security.

While there are many fields in which this battle is fought, by focusing on just one it can be possible to track greater trends in the online security environment. For the sake of this article, we want to use online bingo as an example. A simple game to play on the surface, it’s a world in which the real developments run surprisingly deep. Staying steady over the years, the invisible parts of such games are top of the class. But how did we get here?