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Best Spy App for Facebook Messenger

Best Spy App for Facebook Messenger Admit it! You have been curious what your other half is texting! You wish you could peek at their social media without them knowing. Even if it’s your kids! You want to get nosey! Guess what?! You can see what they are messaging! Even on Facebook! YES! I bet now you really want to peek! Here is how! Hoverwatch tracks all Facebook messages sent from the Android phone...


Facebook will not notify more than 530m users exposed in 2019 breach

Company spokesperson said Facebook was not confident it had full visibility on which users would need to be alerted Facebook has not notified the more-than 530m users whose details were exposed on a hacker forum in 2019 and has no plans to do so, according to company representatives. Business Insider reported last week that phone numbers and other details from Facebook user profiles were available in a public database. The social media company acknowledged...

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