Looking For Ways to Spy?

Digital Spy Tools lady spies - Making Sense of Security

People LOVE to spy 🕵️‍♀️! Let’s face facts. There’s no real way around it. Some may argue that the James Bond 007 movies ignited the spark. When you learn the truth, the fact is we are not trusting people. Many people today are doing their own digital spying for various reasons. Some may not trust

Keeping Your Kids Safe This Halloween From RSO’s

How to Use City-Data to check for Registered Sex offenders - Making Sense of Security

How to Use City-Data.com to Check for Registered Sex Offenders in Your Neighborhood With children trying to be more independent and not always aware of their surroundings, you may want to take extra measures to keep your kids safe this Halloween. As social media is a great communication tool for young ones to use, so

Protecting Our Children with Technology and Partnerships

protecting our children with technology and partnerships

Protecting Our Children with Technology and Partnerships Essentially, CETS is a repository that can be filled with records pertaining to child pornography and child exploitation cases. The system can contain images, case information, and identities of known offenders along with information about their Internet addresses, and other related material. The program can analyze millions of