How Does Ransomware Spread Globally? Through Malware.

How is Ransomware Spread in Mobile Phone Devices?

How is Ransomware Spread in Mobile Phone Devices? As an Android user, it is vital to keep in mind that ransomware doesn’t just attack your PC devices. Smartphones and tablets are becoming more and more prone to ransomware attacks. How is ransomware spread in mobile phones? Are there ways that you can protect your mobile device from ransomware spreading? What causes ransomware to spread in cell phones? Making Sense of Security will tell you...

Android mobile phone monitoring tracking spy

Researchers Have Their Eye on Malicious Clones of Android Apps That Put Devices at Risk

Researchers at Check Point have found malicious apps in the Google Play Store that will download Trojans to infected devices. “Check Point Research (CPR) recently discovered a new Dropper spreading via the official Google Play store, which downloads and installs the AlienBot Banker and MRAT,” the researchers write. “This Dropper, dubbed Clast82, utilizes a series of techniques to avoid detection by Google Play Protect detection, completes the evaluation period successfully and changes the payload...

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