Strong Password Tips

Online Safety Guidelines for Strong Passwords

Quick tips for creating and saving your online passwords and making them strong.

Make Passwords Long

Use passwords longer than six characters when possible. Especially with most characters being from the Alphabet.

Don’t Use Personal Information

Avoid using demographics, birthdates or names from your loved ones. Including pets.

Change Passwords Often

Make sure to review your passwords and change them frequently. Such as quarterly. But no longer than every 6 months.

Password Manager Apps

Password management apps can keep track. Use caution. If the PW Manager was hacked, you have to change all your PW’s and worry about ID theft.

Don’t Recycle Passwords

Don’t use the same password for all of your accounts. Hackers count on the same passwords.

Add Variety

Use uppercase, lowercase, characters, and numbers. Use symbols such as !@#$%&*.

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