Spy Tools

Making Sense of Security Spies

People LOVE to spy 🕵️‍♀️!

Let’s face facts. There’s no real way around it.

Some may argue that the James Bond 007 movies ignited the spark.

When you learn the truth, the fact is we are nosey people.

Many people feel compelled to spy due to suspicious behavior or lack of trust.

Some spy tools help parents monitor and track their children.

A mother may wonder who her kid is texting.

A father may be concerned for his child’s safety and who they may be talking with.

Social media posts may become alarming for public safety.

Whichever your reason may be, there are spy tools available to help you.

Here are tools to help you get the answers you may need.

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Mobile Phone Monitoring And Tracking


mSpy spy phone tracker app

mSpy tracks and monitors mobile phones. mSpy is a leader in mobile spy tools and include a parental monitoring tool.



FlexiSpy offers multiple methods to monitor your loved ones. From both iPhone and Android mobile phones and computes.

FlexiSpy conveniently offers mobile phones with FlexiSpy software already installed for you on the device. This makes it easier for you to give your child a new mobile phone without them being aware of the parental monitoring tool.



EyeZy works on iPhone, iPad, Android mobile phones, tablets and more. EyeZy offers encryption to monitor social media, calendars, contacts, messages and many other features. Download the EyeZy app.



HoverWatch is a mobile phone tracker with features to record SMS, call history and audio, camera, locations, social media, internet history, and more. use HoverWatch on Windows PCs and Mac computers. You can even get started with HoverWatch for free.



XNSpy has a leading edge technology that delivers highly accurate tracking of both iPhone and Android mobile phones. XNSpy offers monitor of various computers and laptops for personal and business. XNSpy is a great parental monitor option for social media.