How to Secure Your WordPress Site Course

How to Secure Your WordPress Site Course

WordPress security takes place continuously within your site. Some may think they can publish on WordPress and then forget about it.  The truth is, when it comes to digital data, it is never “set it and forget it”.

Implementing protections to your site is best in the beginning. Maintenance of your sites security is a continue task. When regularly maintained, it is only a task and not a chore.

Securing Your WordPress Site Course - Making Sense of Security

Securing Your WordPress Site Course

Making Sense of Security‘s Securing Your WordPress Website Course provides valuable content. This step-by-step course shows your how to protect your WordPress site against vulnerabilities.

The curriculum delivers critical information to any newbie and anyone looking for help to better improve their website. The importance of securing WordPress is resented and how to implement the proper protections is made easy.

Keeping WordPress safe can start with your web host. The Securing Your WordPress Site Course provides much insight to the truth about web hosting. This course shares what you need to know when it comes to selecting web hosting and ensuring security measures within.

Did you know your WordPress plugins have a great effect on the functions of your WordPress website? The plugins we choose could have an affect on other plugins, programs, script and causes such as our SEO. If your blog is dependent on traffic, which most sites are, your SEO is critical. Especially if you make passive income as a side hustle.

Choosing between free and premium themes can determine if your website may be accessible to hackers. Yes, free themes can provide access points to “the bad guys” without you knowing. Purchasing premium themes has more benefits than you may think.

Premium theme creators provide support and updates continuously to ensure themes do not break your site and are compatible with WordPress plugins, builders and other features. Some themes leak inside information that outsiders do not need to know.

Making Sense of Security
Making Sense of Security

This could be as simple as the WordPress version, footers, or the folder location of your library. Do you know how to protect the folders and files beyond your dashboard?

SSL’s are critical for all websites. Even if you do not sell and products. Whether or not your website has an SSL can determine your traffic and ranking by Google. SSL’s provide a security status on various levels.

If you do sell physical or digital products, which payment gateway you utilize is crucial for your website’s security.  The Securing Your WordPress Site Course delivers valuable insight to show you how to select a payment gateway and to ensure data breaches of your customers information is prevented.

Securing your content against hackers and protecting your links is critical if you earn passive income. Especially if you have an affiliate program.

Using social media has an impact on the security of your WordPress blog. Especially if you use plugins to share or promote your website.

The Securing Your WordPress Site Course provides many tools to help you protect your WordPress blog. This includes cheat sheets and checklists for Security Audit, Hacking Prevention, Change Codes, and other tools.

Making Sense of Security provides sitemaps of cyber treats so you can see active threats. It’s important to know how these affect your sites. The Securing Your WordPress Site Course enables you to know the signs if your site has been hacked. Would you know what to do if your website was compromised?

The Blogwarts Academy recently published a post stating they wish they had the Securing your WordPress Blog Course from the beginning. Nonetheless, the Blogwarts Academy has benefitted by applying what they learned from taking the course.

They appreciate the fact that the Securing Your WordPress Site Course  provided the resource of Seeking Cyber Security Professional Assistance. Now they feel more confident with having started their WordPress site.

We are happy knowing we are helping others create a safer presence on the internet with secured sites to protect their visitors.

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Stay safe!