Securing Your WordPress Site or Blog Course

Making Sense of Security

Security for WordPress is an ongoing need. Bloggers and WordPress users are taking notice measures to ensure the protect their site as more attacks take place on WordPress sites.

Having the knowledge and know-how to implement security measures in your WordPress site may be challenging if you are not techie.

Our Securing your WordPress Site or Blog Course has been getting attention and positive reviews.

Recently, our course Securing your WordPress Site or Blog was listed in an article “How to Create and Sell an Ecourse” by Learning Revolution. You can read more about what they have to say about courses here.

WordPress security takes places continuously within your site. Implementing protections to your site is best in the beginning and continuing maintenance of your sites security.

The Blogwarts Academy recently published a post stating they wish they had the Securing your WordPress Site or Blog Course from the beginning. Nonetheless, The Blogwarts Academy has benefitted by applying what they learned from taking the course. Now they feel more confident with having started their WordPress site.

We are happy knowing we are helping others create a safer presence on the internet with secured sites to protect their visitors.

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Stay safe!

Securing Your WordPress Site Course

Making Sense of Security Securing WordPress blog website. This step-by-step course shows your how to protect your WordPress site against vulnerabilities. Secure your content against hackers and protect your links for passive income.