eCommerce Payment Systems – How to Choose the Best One for Your eCommerce Startup


There are 3,4 million digital payment system users worldwide. This figure is almost equal to the number of social media users globally and the half of word’s population to date. It is a strong enough reason to believe that online payments dominate the ways we pay for goods and transfer money. What is more, online payments for e-commerce websites are the features your online store can’t do without. So, here are all the answers to your “how” and “why” questions….

How to Keep Consumer Data Safe

how to keep consumer data safe

Every day on popular eCommerce sites, millions upon millions of people are entering valuable information. Their names, credit card information, addresses, and more all being uploaded in rapid quantities. All this sensitive info, especially in regards to payment profiles, has since become the target for malicious cyber attacks and hacking schemes. For businesses implementing their online payment systems, how can they ensure that consumer data is kept safe?….

How Do Random Number Generators Work?

search number generator

In a real-world casino, random chance plays a huge part in ensuring that games are fair. If neither the player nor the house can predict which card will be drawn next, or where the ball will stop on a roulette wheel, then the games are unpredictable, and therefore fair. Whilst relying on the laws of physics, or the near-infinite number of combinations that a deck of cards can be arranged into is easy in real life, when it comes to online casinos, things aren’t so simple.

The problem is that making something truly random is really quite difficult. Humans are very bad at creating random combinations, and computer programs need to base any number that they generate on an already existing set of data and human input, so how does the casino industry do it?.

How Internet Security Evolved in Tandem with iGaming

How Internet Security Evolved in Tandem with iGaming

For a non-biological entity, the internet is an area filled with constant and unstoppable evolution. From the hardware which backs it to the software systems it carries, nothing in this arena stays the same for long. One of the most major forms these changes take is seen in the world of security.

While there are many fields in which this battle is fought, by focusing on just one it can be possible to track greater trends in the online security environment. For the sake of this article, we want to use online bingo as an example. A simple game to play on the surface, it’s a world in which the real developments run surprisingly deep. Staying steady over the years, the invisible parts of such games are top of the class. But how did we get here?

Importance of Digital Marketing Agency

pexels mikael blomkvist 64762601 300x200 1

Importance of Digital Marketing Agency The importance of a Digital Marketing Agency is it provides services that boost your return on investment. High Return on Investments means one thing, and that is higher profits. So digital marketing services company is a steady and reliable boost in ROI because of Digital Marketing. Anyone in the world

Zoom Fixes Flaw Opening Meetings to Hackers

Zoom Fixes Flaw Opening Meetings to Hackers

Zoom has patched a flaw that could have allowed attackers to guess a meeting ID and enter a meeting. NEW ORLEANS – Enterprise video conferencing firm Zoom has issued a bevy of security fixes after researchers said the company’s platform used weak authentication that made it possible for adversaries to join active meetings. The issue

Facebook’s Twitter and Instagram accounts hijacked

facebooks twitter and instagram accounts hijacked

by John E Dunn Last Friday, in full glare of the world, Facebook admins suddenly found themselves in an unseemly struggle to wrestle back control of the company’s Twitter accounts from attackers that had defaced them. Normally, these accounts trumpet new platform features or other assorted worthy accomplishments. But on Friday afternoon, a different type

Critical Bluetooth bug leaves Android users open to attack

critical bluetooth bug leaves android users open to attack

Google releases a fix for the security hole that, if left unplugged, could allow attackers to run malicious code with no user interaction Google has rolled out a security update to address a critical flaw in Android’s Bluetooth implementation that allows remote code execution without user interaction. The vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2020-0022, affects devices running

RobbinHood Kills Security Processes Before Dropping Ransomware

Attackers deploy a legitimate, digitally signed hardware driver to delete security software from machines before encrypting files. In a newly detected attack campaign, the attackers behind RobbinHood ransomware deploy legitimate, digitally signed hardware drivers to delete security tools on target machines before they encrypt files. These attacks exploit known vulnerability CVE-2019-19320, report Sophos researchers who

Would you get hooked by a phishing scam? Test yourself

would you get hooked by a phishing scam test yourself

As the tide of phishing attacks rises, improving your scam-spotting skills is never a bad idea Many people are confident in their ability to recognize phishing scams a mile away. In a recent survey, however, only 5% of the respondents had a 100-percent success rate in spotting simulated attacks aimed at stealing their sensitive information.

Researchers Find 24 ‘Dangerous’ Android Apps with 382M Installs

Shenzhen Hawk Internet Co. is identified as the parent company behind five app developers seeking excessive permissions in Android apps. Security researchers have identified 24 Android applications seeking dangerous and excessive permissions, all of which come from app developers under Chinese company Shenzhen Hawk Internet Co., Ltd., and have a combined total of 382 million

Ashley Madison Breach Extortion Scam Targets Hundreds

ashley madison breach extortion scam targets hundreds

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VPN: Useful More Than Just For Security

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are undoubtedly the most trusted tools for protecting your privacy while you browse the internet. Essentially, a VPN routes your internet traffic and hides your real IP address so that no one, not even your Internet Service Provider, can see your activity on the internet. Further, the entire data you send

Financial tech firms disagree on ban of customer data screen-scraping

financial tech firms disagree on ban of customer data screen scraping

by Lisa Vaas For years, financial technology (fintech) companies have used screen-scraping to retrieve customers’ financial data with their consent. Think lenders, financial management apps, personal finance dashboards, and accounting products doing useful things: like, say, your budgeting app will use screen-scraping to get at the incoming and outgoing transactions in your bank account, using

Facebook to pay $550m to settle face-tagging suit

facebook to pay 550m to settle face tagging suit

by Lisa Vaas A class-action lawsuit against Facebook for scanning a user’s face in photos and offering tagging suggestions looks like it’s finally done churning through the courts. The upshot: it will pay $550 million to settle the suit, Facebook disclosed in its quarterly earnings report on Wednesday. Filed in 2015, plaintiffs had claimed that

Bezos, WhatsApp Cyberattacks Show Growing Mobile Sophistication

bezos whatsapp cyberattacks show growing mobile sophistication

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