Do NOT Answer Your Phone!

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That’s right! We said do NOT answer your phone!

There have been way too many issues lately of innocent yet unknowledgeable people getting scammed out out their hard earned money.

The first thing to know with your phone is to NOT answer the phone if you DO NOT KNOW who is calling.

If you do NOT recognize the phone number calling you, then-DO NOT ANSWER it!

As simple as that!

There are too many bots calling to see which numbers are active, landlines, mobile phones and who is gullible enough to answer.

Further, scammers call attempting to sound very official and authoritative to get you to comply with their objective. Too many people fall for this.

We ourselves have received repeated calls over multiple days from various phone numbers that call over and over. We give them about a week to leave a message. That time frame may be too gracious. Regardless, after one week, if they do not leave a message and are not legit, then they get reported as SPAM and are blocked.

The point is if they are truly a business and there is a true time frame or matter that needs to truly beg addressed, they will conduct business the proper way and leave a message.

The primary method of ensuring YOU do not receive such illegitimate calls is by making sure you are registered on the DO NOT CALL registry.

You can do so here:

National Do NOT Call Registry

You are able to enter 3 phone numbers at a time with an email account for confirmation.

Once you have completed that step, you want to check periodically to ensure you are on the DO NOT CALL List.

Verify Your Registry

This will ensure peace of mind and you should experience less scammers and bots attempting to waste your time.

In summary,

  1. Do NOT answer calls from phone numbers you do NOT KNOW.
  2. Give them one week to leave a message.
  3. After that and no legit message, report as SPAM and/or BLOCK them from ever calling again.
  4. Register your phone numbers on the DO NOT CALL Registry.
  5. Verify periodically your phone numbers are registered on the
  6. DO NOT CALL List.

Share this information with those you care about and those whom you are aware they are enduring the same events. Together, you can prevent unwanted calls.