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Credit Monitoring and Identity Theft Protection Insurance

Having your money stolen from you is devastating. You may not recover from the loss depending on how much you lose. 

Credit can be destroyed and you may not realize it until it’s too late.

Your identity can be used by a stranger or even someone you know. Your information can be used in criminal activity and you may become the prime suspect. 

There are many, many devastating acts that can take place. The convenience of these possibilities is easy for criminals now the internet exists. 

You can however take the easiest measures for your sake by obtaining identity theft and credit monitoring protection.

These services are easy to use and can provide assurance to protect your assets. 

You don’t have to be rich to consider protecting what money and financial assets you may have. 

But we all need to protect our identity. 

Here are great products to help you protect yourself. 

The great thing is that you can be covered for around $10 a month. Some even offer $1,000,000 coverage. 

Now THAT is a great small price to prevent a complete loss of your money.

Now, get going and cover your … wallet!!!!


Aura Protection

Alerting you to threats is only half the battle. Aura takes action to prevent and resolve issues in real-time, so you can do what you love online—safely.

Financial Fraud & Credit Protection

Aura keeps you a step ahead of threats with credit monitoring, Experian credit lock, and financial tools to help keep your assets safe.

Proactive Online & Device Security

Every Aura plan comes with intelligent safety tools—VPN, antivirus, password manager, and more—to protect your online privacy and data.

Family Identity Theft Protection

Keep the family safe with an all-in-one online safety plan that protects them from identity theft, fraud, and online threats. Aura protects up to 5.

#1 Rated Identity Theft Protection

We alert you if we detect threats to your identity, accounts, and more. Plus, we help protect your info from spam, robocalls & more. Rated #1 by


Identity Guard has enhanced its product suite over the years to include device security, data protection, and identity fraud protection services.

Identity Guard provides critical features such as credit monitoring services and a $1M identity theft insurance policy.

Identity Guard features - Making Sense of Security

IdentityGuard helps protect your financial information, personal data, computer, privacy, and much more. 

Identity Guard has done a remarkable job scaling its solution to over 47 million customers and resolving 140,000 cases to date. These numbers make Identity Guard a very attractive option

Norton’s Lifelock

Norton Lifelock - Get it now!

Identity fraud can damage your finances, credit, and reputation. Thieves can get a new home, car or line of credit in your name. At LifeLock, our job is to help protect against identity fraud and handle things for you if it occurs. Norton’s Lifelock provides many benefits to protect against identity theft. 

Lifelock’s standard plan includes Privacy Monitor, Dark Web Monitoring, Stolen Wallet Protection, LifeLock Identity Alert® System, Stolen Funds Reimbursement, One-Bureau Credit Monitoring, USPS Address Change Verification, Coverage For Lawyers And Experts, and US Based Restoration Specialists. 

Lifelock further offers more enhanced services including bank account application and takeover alerts, online annual three-bureau credit reports and credit scores plus monthly one-bureau credit score tracking. 

You can also help block hackers, keep your online activity private, and protect your identity, all in one for your whole family, including children. This helps keep their future unblemished. 

Norton LifeLock Protection - Making Sense of Security