How to take charge of your Google privacy settings

Have you had a Google Privacy Checkup lately? If not, when better than Data Privacy Day to audit the privacy of your Google account? Users have become increasingly sensitive about how their data is handled, which in turn means that tech companies face increasing scrutiny. Google, for example, has introduced new privacy features in recent

Visa Warns About Hackers Stealing Gas Pumps Credit Card Data

Payment processing company Visa reported that attackers at gas pumps intercept credit card data from point-of-sale networks, which are becoming increasingly attractive targets for such cybercrime organizations due to their lack of safe recognition software. Visa said its Payment Fraud Disruption or PFD teams detected three separate threats targeting point-of-sale retailer or POS networks expected

Do NOT Answer Your Phone!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin That’s right! We said do NOT answer your phone! There have been way too many issues lately of innocent yet unknowledgeable people getting scammed out out their hard earned money. The first thing to know with your phone is to NOT answer the phone if you DO NOT KNOW who


Follow my blog with Bloglovin SCAM ALERT SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION CALLING SCAM DO NOT ANSWER The Social Security Administration recently announced that the public is being scammed with threats to cancel individual’s social security numbers. The victims are being told that they have “committed a fraud” and they are told to pay the SSA money

Welcome to Making Sense of Security

Making Sense of Security

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Welcome to Making Sense of Security. Technology is evolving at a rapid speed. There is much advancement at the stroke of a key. Making sense of what functions best for one may not be for another. Keeping up with advancements to be able to maintain functions is vital. We are