how to remove spyware

How to Remove Cell Phone Spy Software

How to Remove Mobile Phone Spyware If you detect that your phone is being spied on, then you have to remove the smartphone spy software. On this page, we have collected some tips for removing spy applications from Android phones and tablets. To prevent the problem in the future, we will teach you how to protect your phone from tracking apps. No one wants to share his or her personal and sensitive information with someone unknown, and here you will learn how to protect yourself against spying. Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links, meaning we may earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. Please...

Making Sense of Security - How Tinder can be tracked

How Tinder Dating App Can Be Tracked and Monitored

How Tinder Dating App Watches You Are you single and wanting to mingle? Let’s face it- many people using online dating apps as a means to meet people and find one to hang out with.  It doesn’t matter what you are looking for exactly, dating apps have opened a whole new world for people to find someone.  But with convenience for good comes convenience for bad. They go hand-in-hand.  Many dating app users tend to be wishful, dreamy and hopeful of truly finding the right relationship for them.  And with that naive thought, in come the perpetrators just ready to pounce on those with no clue of what is really going on behind the screen.  Disclosure: This page contains...

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