Government spyware company spied on 100s of innocent people

In March 2019, researchers with a group called Security Without Borders identified more than 20 government spyware apps squatting in plain sight, pretending to be harmless, vanilla apps on Google’s Play store. Security Without Borders is a non-profit that often investigates threats against dissidents and human rights defenders. Those apps were just a decoy through

Video: Zoom Researcher Details Web Conference Security Risks, 2020 Threats

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15 NFL teams’ Twitter hijacked in lead-up to the Super Bowl

by Lisa Vaas The cybercriminal group OurMine has struck again, claiming responsibility for hijacking and defacing the Twitter accounts of the US National Football League (NFL) and 15 of its teams. The timing is pointed: The attacks hit during this, the media-hectic week that leads up to Sunday’s Super Bowl Championship, which will pit the

5 Ways To Be a Bit Safer This Data Privacy Day

5 Safety Tips For Data Privacy Day Today is Data Privacy Day. As we say every year, Data Privacy Day is more than just a 24-hour period when you try to keep safe online. It’s a day to think about changes you can make in your digital life that will keep you safer today, and

Big Microsoft data breach – 250 million records exposed

by Paul Ducklin Microsoft has today announced a data breach that affected one of its customer databases. The blog article, entitled Access Misconfiguration for Customer Support Databases, admits that between 05 December 2019 and 31 December 2019, a database used for “support case analytics” was effectively visible from the cloud to the world. Microsoft didn’t

What do online file sharers want with 70,000 Tinder images?

Tinder to get panic button, catfish-fighting facial recognition

by Danny Bradbury A researcher has discovered thousands of Tinder users’ images publicly available for free online. Aaron DeVera, a cybersecurity researcher who works for security company White Ops and also for the NYC Cyber Sexual Assault Taskforce, uncovered a collection of over 70,000 photographs harvested from the dating app Tinder, on several undisclosed websites.

Voice cloning: Where WOW meets OMG

Have you had this experience? You hear about a remarkable innovation, but before you can finish the phrase “That’s amaz . . . .” you’ve already jumped ahead to the questions and concerns it raises. That’s how many people are responding to voice cloning – emerging technologies that let users make near-perfect reproductions of a

College students call for ban on facial recognition on campus

by Lisa Vaas US elementary and grade schools have been experimenting with facial recognition. But so far, it hasn’t been widely adopted at colleges – and students are taking part in a nationwide effort to keep it that way. On Tuesday, the digital rights group Fight for the Future announced that it’s teamed up with

FBI, This Week: Skimming Prevention Tips

All it can take is a swipe of your credit or debit card for your personally identifiable information to end up on the dark web. Audio Transcript Mollie Halpern: All it can take is a swipe of your credit or debit card for your personally identifiable information to end up on the dark web. It’s

The five: ransomware attacks

Cyber-attacks that threaten to publish a victim’s data or block access to it unless a ransom is paid have grown internationally since 2012. Sodinokibi and Travelex Hackers attacked Travelex’s network on New Year’s Eve, stealing customer data including dates of birth, credit card information, and national insurance numbers. The ransomware gang responsible, Sodinokibi, has demanded

FBI, This Week: Holiday Scams

When looking for a good deal this holiday shopping season, the FBI suggests keeping this old adage in mind: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Audio Transcript Mollie Halpern: When looking for a good deal this holiday shopping season, the FBI suggests keeping this old adage in mind…  James Harris, Jr: If it sounds too

Get yourself cybersecure for 2020

Technology is changing our lives for the better; yet it’s also exposing us to organised crime, online scammers and hackers – and whole industries built around monetising our personal data. But you don’t have to be resigned to cyber-victimhood. Give yourself, and your devices, a security update for 2020 and start fighting back. Random and

New FBI Wanted App

The FBI has launched a free new mobile app to enlist the public’s help in locating and identifying wanted fugitives, missing persons, and others sought by the Bureau. You’re watching your local news on TV when you see a story on a wanted fugitive in your community. The person looks like someone you’ve seen living

FBI Releases New Bank Robbers Mobile App

The FBI launched a mobile version of its Bank Robbers website to make it easier for smartphone users to view photos and information about bank robberies. Back in December 2012, the FBI launched its Bank Robbers website featuring a gallery of unknown bank robbery suspects wanted by the Bureau. Because the FBI, in its own

FBI Seeking Tech Experts to Become Cyber Special Agents

“One thing that no one else can offer is the mission and the camaraderie and the teamwork the FBI brings to the table,” Anderson said. “Cyber agents will be integrated into all the different violations that we work. So whether it’s a counterterrorism or counterintelligence investigation, they could be the lead agent in the case.”

Protecting Our Children with Technology and Partnerships

Essentially, CETS is a repository that can be filled with records pertaining to child pornography and child exploitation cases. The system can contain images, case information, identities of known offenders along with information about their Internet addresses, and other related material. The program can analyze millions of pornographic images, helping law enforcement personnel avoid duplication

New Tools to Find FBI’s Most Wanted

Not all FBI fugitives are included in the Most Wanted section. Many bank robbers, for example, are publicized through local Bureau press releases or through various state or local websites. See our Bank Robbery webpage for a list of those sites and additional information. Early on, our fugitive posters were commonplace in federal buildings, most