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How to Read Someone’s Emails without a Password -Making Sense of Security

How to Read Someone’s Emails without a Password 

How Can Someone Read Your Emails If They Don’t Have Your Password? Although social media apps and instant messengers on mobile phones have gained huge popularity during recent years, many people still use email.  For instance, Internet users in the U.S. (who send at least one email per month) comprise over 246 million people so far. There are three major email providers in the world: Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft’s Outlook. Outlook counts over 400...

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5 ways businesses can avoid phishing scams online

5 Ways Businesses Can Avoid Phishing Scams Online The concept of phishing is gaining immense popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic. People, by and large, are becoming victims of such fraudulent activities. Therefore, we have come up with 5 ways businesses can avoid getting trapped with emails that are meant to deteriorate their online identity. Based on recent Phishing records, almost 90 percent of companies have encountered spear phishing attacks. So, by now, you must...

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