Best Cyber Dating Tips to Stay Safe on Dating Apps

Best Cyber Dating Safe Tips - Making Sense of Security

Best Cyber Dating Tips to Stay Safe on Dating Apps

Online dating is one of the many ways to meet today when looking for love. Dating apps have become quite popular and extremely convenient.

Just like social media apps, there are so many dating apps today. There’s more than just Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and Match.

Each dating app can have its unique features and themes to help various people find romance.

This could be specific niches such as animal lovers, seniors, mountain lovers, and even beach lovers.

As with any technology, while the pro is having convenience, there are also cons involved.

Unfortunately, in the cyber dating world, there can be more cons than there can be pros.

All too often there tend to be these horror stories of bad dates of people that have met on dating apps.

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    Such bad situations most likely could have been prevented.

    While not every person that meets on these dating sites is bad, there are many tips you can use to have caution.

    The best situation before going on any date is to just educate yourself with more knowledge of how to protect yourself when meeting strangers.

    These cyber dating safety chips can empower you and those you know to keep your head clear and protect your heart.

    Your safety is a priority when it comes to using dating apps.

    We have gathered many of the best online dating tips for you to benefit from.

    Read these tips and feel free to share them with those you believe would appreciate them.

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    Profile Pics

    Have your main profile image be at least 10 feet or more away from the camera.

    Not too close. As much as we need to show a clear pic of what we truly look like, it’s key to keep in mind many of your viewers may only stare at your pic. They will know what YOU look like and you will not have the same reciprocation. Further, mobile devices can make an image bigger so the viewer can zoom in.

    Do not include your friends or family members in photos. For one, having others in your profile pic may lead to confusion of whom the account belongs to. Further, they do not need to be included in public pics. They are not account users. Avoid exploiting them in photos without their permission.

    Never include your children in photos. They may be minors and they do not need to be exploited on an app. At the appropriate time, your date can be introduced to keep your family safe. Remember, there are pedophilers browsing apps also. Protect your children and relatives.

    Be careful posting images publicly. Be mindful of what is in the background to ensure your residence is not revealed to unknown people. Ensure that street signs and house numbers do not give clues to you or your family.

    Images can reveal a lot of information. This includes your vehicle. Be sure not to include your license plate. Do not include any personal identifiers in any image.

    Do not publicly post your school, college, or university on your dating profile.

    This includes activities, clubs, and dorms.

    Not everyone looking at your profile is a fellow student.

    Remember, public schools, colleges, and universities are public. You are in charge of keeping your personal info private.

    Watch out for metadata. There are details available within images that anyone can reveal by right-clicking. This could be the date, time, location, coordinates, etc.

    This info can be used to locate where you are. Criminals appreciate the data hidden within images.

    Minimize the sexy pics. We all get it if you want to be appealing.

    However, having all your images sexually conductive actually sends wrong the message to people viewing your profile. It could say you have such an expectation to have a sexually based relationship within anyone who wants to have a date with you.

    Keep it private!

    Only have such images available for each date-by-date basis. Better idea, don’t have them at all.

    A profile pic is worth a thousand words. A nice smile and polite small talk demeanor doesn’t mean someone doesn’t have a dark side. Think Ted Bundy. Use caution.

    Red Flag: If you are questioning their profile pic, you should. Many use old photos, filtered pics, or even other people’s images.

    You can check to see if the photos have been used elsewhere with the links below.

    Remember: Not only are decent people online looking to meet a nice person—but disturbed predators are, too. Certain (sick) people could see your sexy images as an invitation to contact you. And they may become obsessed!

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    Stay in the app when conversing. Do not give your private number instantly to strangers.

    The dating software should be storing activity data of accounts. With this, comes protection for you. As long as you stay on the app.

    Do not share details with strangers that could answer security questions.

    Strangers do not need to know where you were born, your mother’s maiden name or other private details they could use to find you or your family online or gain access to financial information.

    Use a video call within the app if available. Confirm the person is physically who they are in their profile images.

    If you put yourself out there in the wrong way, the wrong person might think he or she is JUST the one to give you what they think you want.

    Make sure how you advertise yourself can not be questionable- especially legally speaking.

    Do not lead-on a date you are not interested in. When ending the date, shake hands when leaving or just say farewell. Do not go any further.

    Remember: Prisoners can access the internet also. That means they can access your social media profiles and your dating profiles.

    Red Flag: If a person persuades you to take the conversation off the app, usually within the first conversation to another platform such as Google Hangouts, don’t!!!

    That is a red flag that they may be a romance scammer.

    GPS Locations Map Making Sense of Security

    GPS/ Locating

    Avoid apps that use your GPS. Your exact location is not necessary to a software company nor to a stranger. Use a zip code instead. Always keep your location private. Only you can protect your security.

    Strangers do not need to know where you are. Only where to publicly meet.

    Turn off tracking on dating apps. Especially when not using them. They can still track personal data when you are not using the app.

    Do not let the general public know about your neighborhood. If you want specific people to know, then individually let them know.

    Meeting In Person

    Drive yourself to and from dates. Especially if it’s the first date.

    Do not meet near where you reside. Meet near a police department if anything.

    When meeting someone for the first time, you should take precautions. You should feel comfortable and safe 100% of the time. Ensure your safety.

    Meet dates in a public place. Especially with security cameras. It’s best to keep yourself safe no matter what.

    Tell a friend about your date details before you go to stay safe.

    It’s best to meet for coffee or lunch on first dates. Avoid meeting in dark bars at night and having alcohol being the base factor influencing how the date goes.

    Don’t meet in locations where you’re alone or confined. Avoid meeting in remote places like a hiking trail, boat, or a park. Especially within the first few dates.

    Always be the one to pick where to meet on the date. And stay at that location. If the date picks the place and insists, they could have it prearranged to have something bad happen.

    You never want to give a potential criminal the advantage to be on their turf.

    When leaving a date, never go straight home. Go to a shopping plaza with cameras, city hall, or a police department first. Ensure you are not being followed.

    Drinking on Dates

    Be cautious about drinking alcohol on first dates.

    Always keep your drink protected and in your sight. Avoid the chance of mind-altering drugs or roofies being added without your knowledge.

    Stay sober. It’s better to stay safe than to have your mind altered.

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    Personal Information

    Do not share your family’s details when you are dating, especially as a single parent. Your family is not dating the person. A stranger does not need to know about your personal connections they may never meet.

    Typical small-talk topics like your employer, boss, job title, the college you attended, or neighborhood you live in are topics to avoid on the first date or even pre-date.

    They’re not harmless topics. They offer personal identifying information that can be used to stalk you, and your family or even steal financial data.

    Don’t share personally identifying information on social media or dating apps;

    car, apartment, job, family, schools, etc. Each can provide enough information for a stranger or a bad date to stalk you to any degree.

    Use caution bragging. You may not realize just how much about yourself those little things can reveal.

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    Staying Safe

    Add pepper spray to your purse along with essentials to ensure your safety. You do not need to go to a date armed with weapons but ensure you have ways to protect and defend yourself.

    If your date has a criminal record, would you still go out? Always do a Google advanced search on a potential date. Try to verify what they are telling you about themselves. If it doesn’t add up, don’t go!

    If your instincts are telling you something is wrong, trust your instincts. If you think someone has lied to you, you’re probably right. Distance yourself from that person as safe as possible.

    Check-in with your family or friends during a date. Give a timeframe of when you expect to be back. Alert them when the date is over. This adds an extra layer of safety to any date you go on with a stranger.

    Don’t be afraid to leave a date. If you’re not feeling a connection or even safe, you absolutely have the right to leave. You do not have to be subjected to stay when the other person begs “come on, you can’t leave”. Yes, you can!

    Don’t be afraid to ghost a bad date. You do not have to speak to anyone you do not feel a mutual relationship with. You have the right to not respond to texts or phone calls on your personal device. You can tell them you no longer wish to communicate and to no longer contact you. You can also block them.

    In Summary

    These tips will help you be better prepared to protect your heart by using your head to control your emotions.

    While everyone wants to find love and enjoy romance, going on a date with knowledge of your safety can help you have better standards for the best outcome.

    No one wants to be a victim and many do not want to be rude.

    However, if the person you meet to date is true and has honest intentions then they will not be offended if you do not feel safe.

    Review these tips from time to time as needed. If you know others that are in the dating arena, feel free to share these cyber-dating tips to help them be prepared and more protected.

    Nothing says love more than the act of sharing and caring.