Best 5 Apps to Spy on a Mobile Phone Anywhere

Best 5 Apps to Spy on a Mobile Phone Anywhere

Best 5 Apps to Spy on a Mobile Phone Anywhere

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Many of us have experienced on occasion trying to contact a loved one with lack of communication on their part.

Whether the lack of response happens because they do not view the message, the ringer is silent, they may be engaged in another matter, no cellular service or they may just ignore our contact attempts, there may be various reasons we are unable to communicate with our loved one.

At times, our mind may wonder and think the worst. We wonder if they are ok. We question their safety.

Parents may panic- Is my daughter safe? What is my child’s location? If only I could find them.

It’s not just parents monitoring young kids. Adult children of elderly parents may need to monitor their parents activities such as if they become lost due to confusion of their whereabouts.

Guardians may need to monitor children’s whereabouts to ensure they arrive at school or home safely.

More often, we may even question if our partner may be cheating. Some will ask, How can I spy on my boyfriend’s phone without him knowing for free? Many wonder – How can I see what my boyfriend is doing on his phone? How can I see who chats with my girlfriend? Or husband, wife, spouse or partner.

Regardless of your relationship, there are reasons why someone may use a spy software tool to keep an eye on a loved one. There are reasons to keep your family and loved ones safe and protected.

So how exactly do you know what your loved one is up to? Making Sense of Security is here to look further.


Parental Mobile Phone Monitoring Tools

Disclaimer: The use of parental phone monitoring apps is subject to legal obligations and responsibilities. Users must comply with applicable laws, regulations, and legal requirements in their jurisdiction. This includes obtaining proper consent from individuals, respecting privacy rights, and adhering to privacy and data protection laws. Users should seek professional legal advice for specific guidance and understand that the developers, providers, and distributors of such apps are not liable for any legal consequences arising from misuse or illegal use. This disclaimer does not replace professional legal advice, and users are solely responsible for their actions and compliance with the law.

Parental phone monitoring apps have the capabilities of monitoring and tracking family on their devices. These apps provide the ability to monitor their child’s location, who they converse with, and determine if they are being cyberbullied.

The purpose of parental phone monitoring apps is to protect family members and be an all-knowing parent.

Nonetheless, people are curious and still wonder what their other half may be up to.

Make sure you read all disclosures, disclaimers and legalities when considering using a parental phone monitoring app.

mSpy Control Panel preview

You Can Use a Great Software Tool Called mSpy.

mSpy is a specific software that delivers many capabilities for you to monitor your loved ones devices for various activities.

We greatly appreciate all the features mSpy offers to help protect your loved ones who may think they know everything but truly do not know better.

mSpy is the #1 phone monitoring software that provides the best capabilities for monitoring computers and phones.

mSpy is easy and convenient in use and there is nothing complicated in using it.

What is mSpy?

mSpy is a digital assistant for loved ones 🥰 to monitor text messages, current GPS location, calls, emails, social media platforms (SnapChat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and others) and much more.

mSpy has a lot of advantages for modern people. It helps them to keep tabs on their boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s smartphone activities without fear of being caught.

Further, parents will always be able to know what their kid is up to online and raise a red flag if the danger occurs.

mSpy collects the target device data and sends it to the Control Panel (a parental account that will be created to monitor children after the purchase), which can be easily accessible from any browser at any time. So lovers can always know what their boyfriend or girlfriend is up to.

The app is easy and simple in use. It provides three subscription plans (Basic, Premium, No-jailbreak) so you may choose the one which meets your needs the most.

The mSpy price depends on the subscription duration, the longer it is, the higher the amount you save.

mSpy is compatible with rooted/ not rooted Android 4.0+ and jailbroken-non-jailbroken iOS 6.0+ devices.

mSpy: Your Secret Digital Assistant

The Internet is a powerful tool for people to help in education, social engagement, and entertainment.

While there is a vast number of useful resources and helpful tools, there is also a great number of dangers young ones may encounter online.

mSpy can help you monitor digital activity on mobile devices.

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mSpy text message dashboard

How does mSpy help you?

The Internet has already become a critical part of loved ones lives. While it can bring benefits for kids, like school reports preparation, communication with peers, there is also a darker side including for our partners.

From cyberbullying to interaction with online predators, there are many concerns when it comes to Internet use. This is where the mSpy parental control app comes in handy.

Here is the list of top 5 dangers mSpy can protect your loved ones 🥰 from:


Internet anonymity alongside lack of face-to-face interaction, in some cases, escalates to cyberbullying. Mean, rude and hateful comments fly undoubtedly on the faceless digital world.

Due to the Internet anonymity, the insults can be flung without anyone knowing the insulter. Quite often cyberbullying can have huge consequences like depression, social isolation and in the worst cases even suicide attempts.

Online Predators

The Internet is a sweet spot for online predators to lure naïve loved ones 🥰 into their trap through social networks and online chat rooms. In most cases, online predators do their best to turn kids against their parents, pretending to be the only one person who really understands them.

According to the research, children who are the most susceptible to this sort of manipulation are those who engage in risky behavior in real life and online, have been sexually abused, chat with strangers and don’t have healthy relationships with their parents. (Something to keep in mind when it comes to dating 😉)

Inappropriate Content

The Internet is a garbage dump of unfiltered content. Whether it is pornography, violent videos, lewd music or any other inappropriate content people want to protect their loved ones 🥰 from.

Many parents don’t even realize that their kids YouTube Most Watched section contains just obscene videos they want to protect their kids from.

YouTube itself does not contain explicit videos, they can be easily found by a curious child via Google Search.

Damaged Reputations

Young loved ones don’t always have analytical thinking, that’s why they do not always understand what is safe to share and what type of content should never be shared online.

A private photo shared online can spread like wildfire, leading to severe consequences like cyberbullying, social isolation, damaged reputation and heavy depression.

Excessive Gaming and Phone Addiction

Young ones often misuse digital technologies and spend more time than they should on them.

While the occasional game in moderation is not always harmful, kids are inclined to spend hours on different online games, which may be notoriously addictive.

For all these reasons, the Internet poses a lot of dangers to underage minors.

A young one should be taught how to browse responsively, otherwise, the Internet will end up causing more harm than good.

Being aware of the potential for the Internet`s misuse is a great place to start.

What do you get from mSpy phone spy tracker?

Once you install mSpy on the target device, you get full access to your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s Tinder activity, including messages, conversations, and user settings:

  • Messages
    This feature gives you the ability to read all text messages exchanged between the matches, as well as to view the exact time and date of when each of them took place. Moreover, you can switch between any partner or match your kid has met on Tinder.
  • Conversations
    mSpy Tinder app also allows you to see all chat conversations, including the last ones and those that have been collected.
  • User Settings
    mSpy gives you the opportunity to view your lover’s Tinder profile. Thus, you can see their gender and age range preferences, as well as some other searching parameters.

The most effective thing a person can do is to keep the line of communication open and build upon that as your relationship foundation.

Having a conversation about safe online usage alongside with mSpy control app may prevent all the main dangers mentioned above and protect your loved 🥰 one online.


Get started with mSpy now by clicking here.



When it comes to a huge cache of features, XNSPY will keep you posted about your friends and business on the go from anywhere, anytime.

Sift through important cell phone logs of your kids or take note of your employees’ latest social media updates without even intruding them. XNSPY’s dynamic monitoring is your easy-way around to have a check on the mobile devices of the people around you.

XNSPY as a Solution

XNSPY offers a plethora of services for the same price as any other app or mobile tracking service for the same price range. Users find that they will end up using services they didn’t even know they needed.

Some of the services users find most useful are:

· Tracking App Usage

With this feature, one can track what apps the devices use and what the person does in those apps. What apps are deleted and what apps are downloaded.

So any app used to ‘hide’ certain things can be tracked. Or any deleted app, which wasn’t meant for you to see, can also be tracked. A popular trend among teens nowadays is to download seemingly harmless apps titled things like “Calculator” or “Audio Manager”.

The insides of these apps will seem pretty innocent too until a specific password or button is pressed and a gallery folder is revealed. These apps are usually used to hide sensitive material from parents.

· WhatsApp Spy

XNSPY users can now track the activity of WhatsApp, which arguably is the most used messaging app, taking over traditional text messaging and even Facebook.

Users can track who the device is in contact with through WhatsApp and what they’re saying. This feature comes in most use when users were looking to track messages anyway and weren’t getting any luck with tracking the traditional text messages.

Even the media transfers such as exchanged files, pictures, audio or video can be looked after.

· Geo-fences

Much like the geo-fences in your car’s tracker, the geo-fences in a device with XNSPY can be set to certain geographical locations.

Users can set boundaries they find suitable for the person the app is intended for. For example teens who have a set curfew or say they’re going to study over at a friend’s but really they might be going out to a party or even in a dangerous part of town.

If the person who the app is intended for crosses a geo-fence, an alarm message will be immediately sent to the owner of the software, with their exact location. The user can then confront the person about this.

· Real Time Tracking

A unique feature for XNSPY is its real time tracking. Users can track devices in real time; the app will show you a map much like the one in Google Maps with a pin on their location.

If you’re not too keen on constantly looking at where they are going, a tracking log will be available for you with all their locations and the times at which they were at these locations.

Great feature for anyone with a business whose employees work on the road and don’t necessarily work in an office space such as taxi drivers.

Real time tracking is a unique safety feature as well, for example, a person might be accused of something they had nothing to do with, or as a parent, your children who you are responsible for will always be under an eye.

This way you don’t have to constantly contact them asking where they are, and seldom in these situations do they pick up.

· Facebook Spy

Your child’s most used app or website is probably Facebook, whether they enjoy using the app or not.

Much of their social presence and activity will be on Facebook as for many people Facebook was the first social media platform they joined (for the newer generation anyways).

If it isn’t their first, it definitely is the longest they’ve been on a social media website.

XNSPY allows you to track Facebook activity, who they’re friends with, what groups they are in and who they are messaging.

XNSPY allows users to track Facebook Messenger too, a popular messaging app among teens and adults alike.

Almost everyone you know is on Facebook and so the most amount of people anyone would contact is through Facebook.

Having Facebook Spy or Facebook Messenger spy is a great feature that one can take advantage of.

XNSPY has an endless list of features to monitor. Use it to view:

Screen Recording: WhatsApp, Tinder, Youtube, Facebook Messenger, Line, Instagram, SnapChat, Viber, Signal, Facebook App, Kik, Telegram.

Monitor Phone Calls and Messages: View Call Logs, View Text Messages, Watchlist Contacts.

XNspy Call Monitoring Features

Instant Messenger Chats and Multimedia: Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Line, iMessage Chats, Kik Messenger, Screen recorder, WhatsApp, Tinder Messages, Signal, Viber, Skype Chats, Telegram.

Track GPS Location: Current Location, Location History, Monitor Specific Locations, Location Alerts.

XNspy GPS tracking features

Read Emails and Monitor Online Activities: Sent and Received Emails, Monitor Bookmarks, Monitor GMail app, Browsing History, Keyword Specific Alerts, Wi-Fi Network Logs.

XNspy Call Monitoring Features 1

Record Phone Calls and Surroundings: Record and Listen to Phone Calls, Record and Listen to Phone Surroundings.

Remotely Control Target Mobile Phone or Tablet: Lock Device, Remotely Wipe Device, View Installed Apps List, Block Apps, Keylogger, Live Screenshots, Remote Command, XNSPY Control Panel.

XNspy remote control features

XNSPY 24/7 Instant Alerts: Alerts on Specific Contacts, Alerts on Specific Words, Specific Locations and SIM Card Changes.

XNspy 24 7 instant alerts features

Actuarial Reports: Top 5 Callers, Top 10 Frequently-Visited Websites, Top 5 Call Durations, Call Time Activity Review.

View Photos, Videos and Calendar Entries. And MUCH MORE!

XNSPY offers a plethora of features probably unmatched with its competition. Along with the features mentioned above, several other equally as useful and equally as intuitive features are present in the app.

Business owners, parents or people who are just curious have written to us explaining their own use of the app and how it has affected their daily life.

Make use of the features in your own way and write to us about your own experiences!

Get XNSPY now and save up to 40% off by clicking here.


Hoverwatch spy for mobile phones

Hoverwatch is one of the leading spying apps that lets you see whatever your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse or partner is doing without letting him know that you are tracking their activities.

All you have to do is login to your account and then browse for his activities. It is a legal app so you will not come under any kind of threat by malware or viruses.

It has been made for monitoring what your kids are doing on the Internet or for overseeing your employees’ activities. However, you can also use it to spy on your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or partner.

Using the Hoverwatch app, you can check call logs, text messages, and social media apps.

You can basically check everything, even the calendar notes, and the browser search history. If you have any kind of suspicions, you can also check the To-do list on their phone.

The Hoverwatch app has plenty of features but if you want to access more features, you can do so by jailbreaking the app. If the user changes his SIM card, you will be notified about that too.

Hoverwatch 3 steps

The shortcoming of this app is that it only tracks a few social media apps such as Viber, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and Facebook.

Furthermore, Hoverwatch customer support is not very helpful so you will find yourself confused in some situations.

If you need an app that does not require jailbreaking, you should opt for the previous options.


  • Allows you to track calls and contacts
  • Notifies you when the user changes his SIM card
  • Can be used for boyfriends, girlfriends, spouse, and employee monitoring
Hoverwatch Paid Plans


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MobiStealth spy app provides the capabilities to monitor mobile phones and computers. MobiStealth provides parental controls for mom or dad to monitor their kids activities.

One great feature is the employee monitoring software. Best of all, any parental monitoring software is great for spying on your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Companies and small businesses can monitor their employee’s activities on company devices and ensure workers are being productive.

This is a great asset when it comes to employee reviews.

MobiStealth 3 steps

Mobistealth is Efficient and Easy-to-Use

Mobistealth Monitoring Software can be installed in just a few minutes.

Once up and running, you can quickly login to your Mobistealth user account to review the data via our User-Friendly interface from anywhere on the planet with Internet access.

No special training or additional investment is ever needed when you invest in Mobistealth.

  • Significantly Reduce Personal Use of Computer and/or Cell Phone
  • Increase Employee Compliance in Company Policies and Procedures
  • Better Manage and Coordinate External Employees
  • Significantly Enhance Employee Performance
  • No Additional Training or Investment Necessary
  • You Can Install Without Any Help from the IT Department

Parental Controls

Parental Control Software is a 21st Century solution for monitoring and protecting children from potential threats. Mobistealth is your comprehensive parental monitoring solution because it can monitor both cell phone and computer activities.

Once installed, the parental monitoring software is completely undetectable by the user and will begin recording the child’s cell phone and computing activities.

You can view the collected data from anywhere with Internet access by logging into your Mobistealth user account.

For prices starting around $0.50 a day, Mobistealth provides the most advanced Parental Control Software on the market today that parents can use to:

  • Monitor a Child’s Cell Phone and Computer Activities
  • View All IM’s, Texts, and Emails
  • Track Cell Phone Location 24/7
  • View Entire Web Browsing History
  • Engage Stealth Mode and View All Activities Without Child’s Knowledge

Your kids can’t tamper it because Mobistealth Mobile Phone Spy Software remains completely hidden from the user.

Once installed, you can monitor their cell phone activities 24/7 from your Mobistealth user account.

Track and Coordinate External Staff with Mobistealth

Mobistealth Employee Monitoring Software helps businesses better track and coordinate their external employees to improve operational efficiency and customer response times.

In addition, our software to monitor employees can significantly reduce personal cell phone use while improving compliance with company policies and procedures.

Mobistealth is designed to help employers track and monitor all activities on a company-issued cell phone using these advanced surveillance tools:

  • Real Time and Historical Location Tracking
  • Email, Text, and Instant Message Log
  • Video, and Picture Log
  • Spy Mode
  • Contact Details & Web Browsing History

Get MobiStealth here.


Spy Bubble

This app is compatible with Android and allows you to track anyone’s phone secretly. They will not know that you are spying on their social media or phone activities. This app lets you see the person’s location status too.

More importantly, you can check their call history and text messages. Along with that, you can go through their emails, phonebook, and photos. However, there are shortcomings in this app. First of all, there is no option to check someone’s calendar. Secondly, the interface is not so user-friendly so you will have to get used to getting around different options. When you try to access the call logs, you will only see the phone number and not the name of that contact.


  • Comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Allows you to check call history and SMS
  • Gives you access to the other person’s location

The Fine Print of Spyware

Installing a spy app on any mobile device without physically accessing it is not possible, especially on Android devices. There is an exception when it comes to the iPhone and we will discuss that later. You need to have access to the device to enable the installation.

If you do a quick Google search about it, you will find several websites claiming their software can remotely install on a phone. These sellers know there are plenty of desperate people out there in search of such apps.

They prey on them by promising to offer the impossible. Anyway, any service saying its spy app could be installed remotely is a scam. It either wants your funds or worse; it could be releasing malware in your device to steal your personal information.

No matter what spyware it is, in order to install it, you will need physical access to the device. Only once the app is installed, you can monitor, create a log of activities or remotely control the device.

Final Thoughts

These choices give you plenty of options to check on mobile devices of your family and loved ones. These software can help keep your family safe and knowing where your young and vulnerable ones are brings peace of mind.

Installing spyware on your devices helps find it when the device is lost or stolen. Having spyware enables you to not have to pay for monthly insurance through your cellular carrier. This is a valuable move.

These options are more than just spying on your girlfriend or boyfriend’s phone without them knowing about it. If you are concerned about cheating, it’s best to talk upfront in the beginning to clarify your standards.

Nonetheless, if you suspect your partner may be involved in anything unpleasant behind your back, you can catch him using an app of your choice. Just choose the app that suits you best for tracking.

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