Best 4 Apps to Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Phone Without the Target Phone

Best 4 Apps to Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Phone Without the Target Phone

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Best 4 Apps to Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Phone Without the Target Phone

Do you ever get frustrated with your mate’s behaviour? Does your boyfriend or girlfriend leave you wondering if they may be seeing someone else or worse, cheating on you? 

We all get frustrated and annoyed with lover’s behaviours. We get curious on wonder how we may know what they are truly up to. 

If you think that your boyfriend might be cheating on you or you just need to keep a check on who he is talking to when you are not around, you can use different programs to spy on his phone. The problem arises when you cannot access his phone but you still need to spy. Well, there are some apps that you can use to spy on him without having his phone with you all the time. 

So how exactly do you know what your other half is up to? Making Sense of Security is here to look further.

Best 4 Apps to Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Phone Without the Target Phone


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If you want to spy on a phone without accessing it, you can use Cocospy as it is quite a user-friendly app for tracking someone’s phone. A distinctive feature of this app is that it works for Android and iOS, both. It has more than 35 tracking features, giving you the liberty to track your boyfriend’s location, his messages on social media apps and emails. 

Cocospy is a great option since it does not require jailbreaking. Even as a novice in tech and phone apps, you can learn how to use the app easily. As soon as you install the app, the icon will go away so no one will know that you have installed the app on your phone. To spy on your boyfriend, you will need his iCloud information. That is all! This app will track the other person’s phone, without any interference in their activity so they will not be able to detect that their phone is being tracked. Everything from the person’s usernames and passwords to their contact names will be known by you. 

For Android users will need access to the target’s phone just for 5 seconds. The app is 2MB and it will be quickly installed on the target’s phone. After setting up the account login, you do not need the target’s phone anymore. You can just track them using your own phone. The icon for the downloaded app will disappear from their phone and they will never know an app was installed in the first place. No root is required so even if you are not a tech expert, this app makes spying a breeze for you.


  • Works legitimately
  • Does not bring any virus to your device 
  • Is compatible with iOS and Android
  • Does not leave any trace on the target’s phone 
  • Has affordable payment plans 

How to track a phone?

Cocospy 12

The first step to spy on a phone without accessing it is to download the Cocospy app and make an account. 

Secondly, you need to set up the app on the target device. For Android devices, you will need to access the phone and download the app. For Apple phones, you need to enter the iCloud credentials. 


Simply follow all the instructions on the screen and finish the installation. After that, log in to your account and you will be directed to the dashboard. Find the SIM card on the left side of the screen and click on it. Also, you will see multiple options on the left panel. You can check everything from here, such as social apps, video previews, photos, messages, contacts, and much more. 

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Spyic is also a powerful spying app that lets you see almost everything that the other person is doing on their phone. You can look through their phonebook and see who is on the contact list. Also, you can read their Whatsapp messages and also see the media that was shared between the two parties. This app also gives you access to browser history and call logs. 


You will be able to see all the apps your boyfriend has installed on his phone. Moreover, you will be able to see the audios, media files, and pictures that he is sending on any app. To track his location, you can see his current location in real-time. 

Since Spyic is an advanced app, it also has additional features like Keylogger. This feature lets you see every keystroke that is being made on the other person’s phone. This comes in handy when you need to extract passwords of different social media accounts. 


Hoverwatch spy phone

Hoverwatch is another spying app that lets you see whatever your boyfriend is doing without letting him know that you are tracking his activities.

All you have to do is login to your account and then browse for his activities. It is a legal app so you will not come under any kind of threat by malware or viruses.

It has been made for monitoring what your kids are doing on the Internet or for overseeing your employees’ activities. However, you can also use it to spy on your boyfriend. Using this app, you can check call logs, text messages, and social media apps. 

You can basically check everything, even the calendar notes, and the browser search history. If you have any kind of suspicions, you can also check the To-do list on their phone.

The Hoverwatch app has plenty of features but if you want to access more features, you can do so by jailbreaking the app. If the user changes his SIM card, you will be notified about that too.


The shortcoming of this app is that it only tracks a few social media apps such as Viber, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and Facebook.

Furthermore, Hoverwatch customer support is not very helpful so you will find yourself confused in some situations. If you need an app that does not require jailbreaking, you should opt for the previous options. 


  • Allows you to track calls and contacts
  • Notifies you when the user changes his SIM card
  • Can be used for kids, spouse, and employee monitoring 

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Spy Bubble 


This app is compatible with Android and allows you to track anyone’s phone secretly. They will not know that you are spying on their social media or phone activities. This app lets you see the person’s location status too. 

More importantly, you can check their call history and text messages. Along with that, you can go through their emails, phonebook, and photos. However, there are shortcomings in this app. First of all, there is no option to check someone’s calendar. Secondly, the interface is not so user-friendly so you will have to get used to getting around different options. When you try to access the call logs, you will only see the phone number and not the name of that contact. 


  • Comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Allows you to check call history and SMS
  • Gives you access to the other person’s location


Therefore, you have plenty of options for spying on your boyfriend’s phone without him having a single clue about it. If you are worried that he is cheating on you or talking or involved in anything unpleasant behind your back, you can catch him using an app of your choice. Just choose the app that suits you best and track his every movement. 

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