Best 12 Steps for Identity Theft Prevention

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Best 12 Steps for Identity Theft Prevention

Identity theft is happening much too often as technology advances. The number of bad guys out to get your private and financial data is only multiplying. 

Some say it may be just a matter of time to fall victim to having private identifying information stolen. 

The less people take measures to protect their personal information, the easier it is for them to become a victim. 

The more lax one is, such as those who say they are not worried about, the more likely they may become a statistic. 

While it is hard to totally avoid identity theft, there are steps you can take to reduce your risk

These steps need to be implemented and reviewed weekly and monthly to decrease your risk.

The best 12 steps for identity theft prevention include:

  1. Create complex passwords that you will remember. Include a symbol, capital letter and number. 
  2. Use antivirus software to protect your electronic devices from phishers, malware, and hackers.  
  3. Enable 2FA or multi-factor authentication for your accounts as an extra security layer.
  4. Get your mail! Prevent your financial and personal information from being stolen.
  5. Use a Postal Box to keep your mail secure. This benefits with protecting financial accounts. 
  6. Audit financial statements regularly for suspicious activity.
  7. Shred personal and financial documents to prevent criminals from obtaining private data..
  8. Review credit reports monthly to check for suspicious activity such as addresses, accounts and connections without your consent.
  9. Opt out of pre-screened offers such as credit cards or loans which may be used to open accounts in your name.
  10. Lock your credit cards except for specific transactions. Lock your card once completed. 
  11. Freeze your credit so no one can view or request your credit report, which in turn will prevent them from opening an account or applying for a loan in your name. 
  12.  Wipe electronics before donating them so your personal information stays safe.

It’s best to implement these steps now and keep them as habits. Take the steps to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft. One can never be too safe. 

If you have become a victim of identity theft in the United States, there are resources that can assist. 

Contact the Federal Trade Commission to report identity theft by clicking here

Report any incidents to your local law enforcement. They will assist if the case needs to be escalated to state and/or federal level. 

Identity theft is a big headache and fighting it takes YEARS. It does not go away over night. 

Keep these steps handy and share with others to keep them safe.

Get your copy of these 12 tips by clicking here: MSO Security 12 ID Theft Prevent Tips.

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