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Making Sense of Security

Digital technology is perpetually changing. Staying on top of security measures involves many resources and much knowledge. Keeping up with technology and security changes is constant.

Yet many are not tech savvy and are still intimidated with digital concepts. Protecting yourself, your personal information and your business is crucial now more than ever.

Each person and business has an online presence regardless if they put themselves into digital space or not.

Maintaining one’s Personally Identifiable Information, or PII must take place. Knowing the proper measures to adhere to can enable one to safeguard their data and protect their identity.

Being armed with the proper information to protect your data whether personal and/or for business is valuable. We believe tools and resources for anyone to be able to protect their digital data should not be complicated but simplified. We need to, and, believe in keeping you safe in the cyber world.

MSO Security Team

We are cyber security professionals. We have taken cases that involve sensitive information including cases involving cybersecurity and digital forensics. Our qualifications include education of degrees and certifications with MBA’s, Information Security Management, Computer Forensics, and Digital Investigations. Our professional association include: ISACA, Infragard, FBI, local and state law enforcement agencies and other professional associations.

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