7 Ways Small And Midsize Businesses Can Secure Their Websites


Small and Medium Size Businesses Can Secure Their Websites In These 7 Simple Ways

Too often small and midsize businesses (SMBs) run websites that aren’t secure or even have the basics, such as SSL encryption technology or a Web application firewall.

Here’s what small and midsize businesses should consider when they decide it’s time to up their website security.



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It’s understandable: SMB owners are typically very busy and wear many hats.

Few have an IT person on staff, let alone a professional security person. Yet few can do security on their own.

What’s an SMB to do? Turning to the site’s Web hosting provider to find out what security features it offers is a good start.

Getting recommendations for and then interviewing at least two or three other specialty security providers would be the next steps for an SMB to determine whether a security specialist makes sense.

Working with a provider for basic website security doesn’t have to break the bank, says Monique Becenti, a product and channel marketing specialist at SiteLock.

Depending on the site and how much e-commerce traffic the business runs, it’s possible to have a strong level of security for roughly $1,000 a year.

Pricing will vary based on how many features are required and how much real business is done on the site.

The advice on the following seven slides provides an excellent game plan for when SMBs decide it’s time to up their website security.



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