7 Easy Ways to Track Someone’s Location Without Them Knowing

7 Easy Ways to Track Someone’s Location Without Them Knowing - Making Sense of Security

Track Someone’s Location Without Them Knowing: 7 Best Ways

With the advancements in modern technology, it has become possible for individuals to track someone’s location without their knowledge.


While some may consider it unlawful, others view it as acceptable as long as the intention behind it is good.

In some cases, locating a loved one’s whereabouts may be necessary, such as if their partner is in danger or their child has gone missing.

Hence, the use of GPS trackers can be justified.

The availability of tracking apps has increased significantly over time.

However, selecting the most suitable one can be a daunting task. Nevertheless, we are here to provide assistance in this regard.

Parental Mobile Phone Monitoring Tools

Disclaimer: The use of parental phone monitoring apps is subject to legal obligations and responsibilities. Users must comply with applicable laws, regulations, and legal requirements in their jurisdiction. This includes obtaining proper consent from individuals, respecting privacy rights, and adhering to privacy and data protection laws. Users should seek professional legal advice for specific guidance and understand that the developers, providers, and distributors of such apps are not liable for any legal consequences arising from misuse or illegal use. This disclaimer does not replace professional legal advice, and users are solely responsible for their actions and compliance with the law.

Parental phone monitoring apps have the capabilities of monitoring and tracking family on their devices. These apps provide the ability to monitor their child’s location, who they converse with, and determine if they are being cyberbullied.

The purpose of parental phone monitoring apps is to protect family members and be an all-knowing parent.

Nonetheless, people are curious and still wonder what their other half may be up to.

Make sure you read all disclosures, disclaimers and legalities when considering using a parental phone monitoring app.

In this article, we’ve gathered the 7 best secret phone tracker apps that you can meet your needs, so let’s dig in.

Why Might You Need an App to Track Someone’s Phone?

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All of us are concerned about our loved one’s safety. We can know their inner circles well enough, but how can we know who else they meet in the real or online world?

What happens when you’re not around? Teens tend to attend parties full of temptations like alcohol and drugs.

If there are strangers involved, it can never bring any good. Well, let’s be honest not only teens are exposed to risk in such places.

Obviously, you can’t be around 24/7 to protect them. You also can’t know if your loved one is in trouble because they won’t tell you about it so as not to worry you.

But if you’re attentive enough, you can notice some changes in their behavior. If you do, you might want to secretly locate a cell phone to find out what’s going on.

Here’s where another question comes up.

Is Tracking a Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing Legal?

This question is of interest to all who decide to get a tracking app. We’ve already discussed the intentions in which it’s ok to use such apps, but in order for your actions to be legal, you need to follow some requirements.

If you want to track your underaged child who lives under your care, the law is on your side.

Everything isn’t so simple with monitoring adults. If you want to keep an eye on your partner or children over 18, you need to tell them about your intentions.

Once you get their consent, you can track them on the legal level. How? Use one of the methods described below.

#1: Find Someone’s Location Using Eyezy


When it comes to tracking a phone without them knowing, there is no better app than Eyezy. Its keen eye sees everything, everywhere.

Be it their real-time location or a place where they shouldn’t go, Eyezy shows you all of it. Actually, it’s much more than a GPS tracker. 

With Eyezy, you can even protect them from bullying. For starters, you can check their personal texts and social media messages for signs of bullying.

You can also set restricted words and Eyezy will notify you if they receive or send any of them. And if you want to go even deeper into their phone activity, you should give Eyezy a try.

Wanna know more than their exact location?

Get Eyezy and see everything on their phone.


#2 mSpy


Another top player in the market of iPhone parental control apps is mSpy.

mSpy is the #1 phone monitoring software that provides the best capabilities for monitoring computers and phones. mSpy is easy and convenient to use and there is nothing complicated in using it.

mSpy is a digital assistant for people to monitor text messages, current GPS location, calls, emails, social media platforms (Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and others), and much more.

mSpy has a lot of advantages for modern-minded users. It helps them to keep tabs on loved ones’ smartphone activities without fear to be caught.

Further, parents can use it and always be able to know what their kid is up to online and raise a red flag if danger occurs. Any parental monitoring software can be used to catch cheating. 

mSpy is highly advanced tracking and monitoring software designed to provide a safer and more controlled smartphone experience.

It captures an impressive range of data from Android and iOS mobile devices, allowing users to monitor and track call logs, emails, text messages, browsing history, social networks, multimedia content, and location.  

In addition, mSpy can record keystrokes, restrict calls from undesired numbers, block access to programs, websites, and apps, lock devices, and more. mSpy offers 24/7 customer support and has a large network of international online partners.

#3: Flexispy


With more than 150+ unique features, FlexiSPY continues to stay at the forefront of the monitoring software industry.

FlexiSPY features range from the most basic to the most advanced features you cannot find with any other product.

This means you’ll have access to everything from spy on the calendar, view phone contacts and SMS tracker to Facebook spy, remote recording, and live call listening.

FlexiSPY’s parental control app for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, and Mac lets you do just that.

Read popular IM conversations, monitor call logs, track your child’s devices using GPS, listen to phone calls, and so much more with Flexispy and Flexispy Express.



XNSPY is the most trusted and advanced mobile phone spy software that secretly records and uploads all data and location stats on the phone or tablet it is installed in and uploads it on online control panel.

When it comes to a huge cache of features, XNSPY will keep you posted about your friends and business on the go from anywhere, anytime.

Sift through important cell phone logs of your kids or take note of your employees’ latest social media updates without even intruding on them.

Xnspy works with most Android and iOS devices. XNSPY’s dynamic monitoring is your easy way around to check on the mobile devices of the people around you.

#5: Track Someone by Cell Phone Number Without Them Knowing through Scannero


Someone can feel uncomfortable with installing an app on their loved one’s phone.

Luckily, there are other methods to find their exact location. You can always use a secret phone tracker by phone number like Scannero.

It works online and can track any device. You just need open Scannero on your browser, create an account, and type in their phone number.

As soon as they open the link with the location request sent in the message, you’ll get detailed info about their location from Scannero.

#6: Secretly Locate Cell Phone With the iSharing GPS Tracker

Mobile Phone Tracking

iSharing is a perfect app for people who secretly locate their loved one’s iPhone. It’s a free GPS tracker created for concerned parents and partners.

This app is available on AppStore, making it easy to install.

iSharing allows finding their real-time location and history of places they visit. It can also notify you when their leave or arrive at home, school, or work.

And if they’re in trouble, they can send a panic alert for you to know this.

#7: See Someone’s Location Without Them Knowing on Android via the LetMeSpy App

mobile phone monitoring

If you’re wondering how to track a phone without them knowing on Android, LetMeSpy is what you need.

Created only for Android users, it can easily track GPS locations, calls, and SMS as soon as you install the app on the phone you want to monitor.

You don’t need to be a tech-savvy person to use LetMeSpy. Just open a web version of the app in any browser using any device and you’re all set.

More importantly, this app allows you to track 5 calls, messages, and locations for free. Once you use all of them, you need to get a full subscription.

Keep in mind that the list of LetMeSpy’s features is much more limited than in the previous app.

Final Verdict on Phone Tracking Apps

After reviewing the list of 7 phone tracker apps, you might get confused about which one to choose. Well, you spend time using each of them at a time. Or you can believe our words that Eyezy is the best monitoring app you will ever need.

Well, judge for yourself: iSharing is a simple GPS tracker, LetMeSpy offers a bit more monitoring features, but it’s still not good enough.

Of course, if we talk about trackers by phone number, Scannero is perfect for the job. But it’s not as good as Eyezy with its range of monitoring features.

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