5 Signs You’re Being Catfished on Tinder

5 Signs You’re Being Catfished on Tinder - Making Sense of Security

5 Signs You’re Being Catfished on Tinder – What You Need to Know and What You Can Do About it

Thanks to advancing technology, the use of dating apps like Tinder, has made it possible to meet the love of your life.

In fact, it’s more common than you think, with 1 in 5 relationships now beginning with an online encounter.

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Unfortunately, the Internet has also made it possible to meet someone who can also ruin your life.

As if we don’t have enough to worry about with stalking, catfishing has been happening more often than some may like to admit.

What Exactly is Catfishing?

Online Hacker fake dating

When we’re talking about catfishing, we mean the process of creating a fake online identity to build a friendship or romantic relationship and oftentimes con someone out of money.

Catfishing happens most often on dating sites and social media platforms.

It’s when a person pretends to be someone else in order to establish a relationship under false pretenses.

The ‘fisher may be fraudulently intending a romantic relationship or scamming you to steal your identity or money.

Some ‘fishers have used the method to lure the one they are in love with without revealing their true identity.

This is common when a ‘fisher may like someone of the same sex and is afraid to lose their friendship.

Avoid the Catfishers Lure

cat fish bait

Do you think you know enough about catfishing online to not be a victim? Take single friends and family members on the Internet.

They could easily become a victim of catfishing and not know until it is too late.

If you search YouTube about catfishing, then you’ll find a lot of cases that involve conning and scamming someone out of money.

But predators can catfish teens with the intent to harm or abduct them. Or worse, enslave or kill them.

5 Signs You’re Being “Catphished” Online

Online Dating Love

If you’re questioning if someone is catfishing online, your instinct is probably right in telling you they may be fake.

To help you recognize common signs of catfishing, we have 5 tips for you below.

  1. Their photos are professional. We’re talking about photoshoot-quality images. The ones that make you question why they are single and why they are online. Especially when the backgrounds are basic, and blank, and no way to tell where the city or region may be. There may even be evidence of being photoshopped. These are telltale signs of being catfished.
  1. They don’t want to meet in real life or via video chat. Or they even seem to avoid it. Such as not being able to schedule a time to meet or bad internet connections for video chats. This rings true when they claim to be a celebrity. But if you’re developing a friendship with someone and they refuse to meet up, particularly in a public venue, that’s a red flag. What’s the point of a digital relationship?!

  1. The relationship progresses a little too quickly. You should never rush into a relationship. They should always develop at a comfortable pace that even friends and family can agree on. If your new “friend” wants to spend a lot of online time together and take things to a new level a little too quickly, think twice. This includes being pushed to send images or videos only of yourself, especially with sexual intentions. If anything, walk away!
  1. A big sign is they start hinting or asking you for money. If a complete stranger starts asking you to lend them a few bucks, that’s cause for concern. Especially if you still have not “seen” them yet and verified the images are theirs. Men should never ask women for money. If a man needs to borrow money from someone he just “met”, you can guarantee you will never see that money or him. You should be extra suspicious if their reason for needing the money seems a little too far-fetched. It is illegal to scam people out of money online.
  1. They don’t have a lot of followers or friends. Someone with just a handful of friends or followers might be running a little low because they just aren’t real. These are also signs the account may be new or used just to people-watch.

The Top Catfishing Apps Used by Scammers

Dating Apps phone

Now that you know what to look for, you need to know where to look. If you’re worried about yourself, a friend, or a family member becoming a catfishing victim, it’s important that you know where the scammers and predators lurk.


People love to share pics on Instagram. If you like someone’s pic, it’s easy to send them a friend request or a message to say hello.

If you’re on Instagram, you could become a target.

As one objective is to become popular on social media, people tend to add as many friends and followers as they can.

If your account is personal, consider keeping it locked and authorizing only those you have met in person.


Any app with a focus on connecting people for sex or relationships is ripe with catfish con artists. Needless to say, catfishing on Tinder is a problem.

Tinder is a geolocation social dating app. While the convenience is actually finding local people available, there is another side to this convenience.

Should you not respond to anyone who is able to contact you, they can use the geolocation within the app to determine how close you may be.

Some geofencing techies may be able to determine your location.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is connected to a Gmail account. They can also use a Google voice number.

Scammers and catfishers use Google Hangouts to get notified via email so they do not have to use dating or social media apps.

This way they do not get in trouble on other apps and have their accounts closed. Or else they have to start all over.

When you are asked to chat through a text message network, it’s a red flag they are not honest and have bad intentions.

Open Chat Apps

Single people and not-so-single people use all kinds of chat apps to meet new people, but many of these can easily be classified as catfishing apps.

Parents should be especially concerned about apps where teens are encouraged to engage with strangers who have similar interests.

These strangers might not be who they say they are.

It doesn’t matter what online dating app you’re using: Tinder, Bumble, Plenty of Fish (POF), Hinge, Match, HER, Raya, or any other relationship app.

Catfishers, predators, and stalkers use digital communication to get to you and cause harm to you.

How to Protect Your Single Friends and Family From Being Catfished

catfishing online

Catfishing taps into a person’s desire to feel wanted and be loved.

By letting your friend or family member know about the dangers of catfishing and explaining that people on the Internet aren’t necessarily who they say they are, you’ll be building a good foundation for your friends and loved ones to stay safe.

But sometimes explaining how to tell if someone is catfishing you isn’t enough. Some teens will go with their gut feeling, which steers them in the wrong direction.

Disclaimer: The use of parental phone monitoring apps is subject to legal obligations and responsibilities. Users must comply with applicable laws, regulations, and legal requirements in their jurisdiction. This includes obtaining proper consent from individuals, respecting privacy rights, and adhering to privacy and data protection laws. Users should seek professional legal advice for specific guidance and understand that the developers, providers, and distributors of such apps are not liable for any legal consequences arising from misuse or illegal use. This disclaimer does not replace professional legal advice, and users are solely responsible for their actions and compliance with the law.

Parental phone monitoring apps have the capabilities of monitoring and tracking family on their devices. These apps provide the ability to monitor their child’s location, who they converse with, and determine if they are being cyberbullied.

The purpose of parental phone monitoring apps is to protect family members and be an all-knowing parent.

Nonetheless, people are curious and still wonder what their other half may be up to.

Make sure you read all disclosures, disclaimers and legalities when considering using a parental phone monitoring app.

Phone Monitoring Tools

If you believe your teen might be susceptible to catfishing, consider installing a monitoring control app, like mSpy.

As the #1 Monitoring Tool, mSpy lets you see exactly who your teen is chatting with, what they’re saying, what pictures they’re sharing, and more.

All of the world’s most popular chat apps (including many that are popular with people into catfishing on social media).

mSpy lets you monitor their mobile devices without them knowing.

What is mSpy?

mSpy Tinder Tracking

mSpy collects the target device data and sends it to the Control Panel which can be easily accessible from any browser at any time. So lovers can always know what their boyfriend or girlfriend is up to.

The app is easy and simple to use. It provides three subscription plans (Basic, Premium, No-jailbreak) so you may choose the one which meets your needs the most. The price depends on the subscription duration, the longer it is, the higher the amount you save.

There are many advantages of mSpy for modern people. It helps them to keep tabs on their boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s smartphone activities without fear of being caught.

Further, parents will always be able to know what their kid is up to online and raise a red flag if danger occurs.

mSpy is compatible with rooted/ not rooted Android 4.0+ and jailbroken-non-jailbroken iOS 6.0+ devices.

mSpy: Your Secret Digital Assistant

mSpy is a digital assistant for loved ones to monitor text messages, current GPS location, calls, emails, social media platforms (SnapChat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and others), and much more.

The Internet is a powerful tool for people to help in education, social engagement, and entertainment.

While there is a vast number of useful resources and helpful tools, there is also a great number of dangers young ones may encounter online.

What do You get from mSpy Phone Spy Tracker?

spy dashboard demo

Once you install mSpy on the target device, you get full access to your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s Tinder activity, including messages, conversations, and user settings:

  • Messages
    This feature gives you the ability to read all text messages exchanged between the matches, as well as to view the exact time and date of when each of them took place. Moreover, you can switch between any partner or match met on Tinder.
  • Conversations
    mSpy Tinder app also allows you to see all chat conversations, including the last ones and those that have been collected.
  • User Settings
    mSpy gives you the opportunity to view your lover’s Tinder profile. Thus, you can see their gender and age range preferences, as well as some other search parameters.

The mSpy app lets you try the software by clicking here. Just enter your email address to get started. mSpy offers refunds for up to 14-days. You will receive the login credentials to your mSpy™ account immediately after signing up for a mSpy account.

The most effective thing a person can do is to keep the line of communication open and build upon that as your relationship foundation.

Having a conversation about safe online usage alongside with mSpy control app may prevent all the main dangers mentioned above and protect your loved one online.

Get started with mSpy now by clicking here.

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