5 Cyber Tips for Cautious Online Activity

MSOS Online Cyber Caution Tips

5 Cyber Tips for Cautious Online Activity

It’s almost time for the holiday season which means people love to share what they shop for, events and parties they attend and more.

From posting to social media to shopping online, the more convenience we have at our fingertips, so do cybercriminals and others with bad intent.

Check out these cyber tips below to use caution with your online activity. You are responsible for your online safety.

Take the time to not make mistakes. Protect your data.

You can get a copy of these tips by clicking here.

Online Caution Cyber Tips

Passwords and Privacy Settings

Choose strong passwords and never share them with anyone else. Check privacy settings often.

Verify Downloads

Some programs and apps install malware to steal private data. Download content from only trusted sources.

Limit Online Social Life Interaction

Exercise caution with online interaction. Avoid scammers and fake users. Do not share personal information or send private photos.

Shop Safely

Shop from secure websites. Avoid saving your credit card data. Read reviews and contact sellers before purchases. Ensure easy returns.

Think Before Posting

Use caution before each post you share. Remember family, friends, and potential employers can see posts, especially shared screenshots.

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