5 Cyber Safety Tips

5 Tips for Cyber Safety

With October being Cyber Awareness Month, there s much that people need to know to stay safe online. Especially on social media.

It’s more than not sharing any financial information. You need to protect your private data!

Here are 5 simple Cyber Safety tips to help you stay secure.

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Making Sense of Security 5 Cyber Safety Tips

  1. NEVER Share Your Password!

Keep your passwords secure. Change passwords often.

2. Post Carefully to Social Media

Remember: Internet posts stay there forever. Especially with screenshots.

3. Be Careful Browsing the Internet

One careless click can expose your sensitive information. Think before you click!

4. Use Caution Downloading

Avoid downloading suspicious apps or software. It may result in malware.

5. Use a VPN for Secure Connections

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) will ensure anonymity on the internet.