The 10 Best Spy Phone Apps for Catching a Cheater

10 Best Spy Apps for Catching a Cheater - Making Sense of Security

How to Find out if Their Cheating with these 10 Best Spy Apps

The person you love the most has a phone, and that means they’re constantly communicating.

Whether it’s because of work or personal life- if someone is always on their device then there’ll be much-accumulated communication data and conversation histories.


If you’re worried that your spouse, partner, boyfriend, or girlfriend might be cheating on you, there are a few ways to tell.

One way is to pay attention to their phone habits. If they’re suddenly spending more time on the phone, or if they’re being secretive about who they’re talking to, that could be a sign that something is going on.

Another way to tell is to look for changes in their behavior. If they’re acting distant or withdrawn, or if they’re suddenly interested in new hobbies or activities that you don’t share, that could also be a sign that something is going on.

Of course, it’s important to remember that these are just some possible indicators; only your partner knows for sure what’s going on.

These days, everyone is looking for a way to keep tabs on their significant other.

But with the rise of mobile technology and apps like mSpy or EyeZy, you can be sure that there’s no such thing as privacy anymore!

We all know how much men love gadgets so it only makes sense they would be ahead in this race too. They have everything from GPS tracking devices, right to sound detectors -all without needing anything more for some basic surveillance.

There are a few things you can do if you think your boyfriend is cheating on you and you cannot access his phone.

First, try talking to him about your concerns. If he is truly cheating on you, he will be very defensive and may even lie to your face.

If he is not cheating, he will be more than happy to listen to your concerns and address them.

Second, try looking through his things when he is not around. This may give you some clues as to whether or not he is cheating. Finally, talk to his friends or family members.

They may be able to give you some insight into his behavior. If you still cannot be sure whether or not your boyfriend is cheating on you, it may be time to end the relationship.

When it comes to relationships, trust is everything. Without trust, there can be no true connection or intimacy. So when that trust is broken, it can be devastating.

If you think your partner may be cheating on you, it can be a confusing and painful experience. You may find yourself wondering how to know for sure, and whether spying on their phone is the right thing to do.

There are a few key signs that may indicate your partner is cheating. If they are suddenly more distant or evasive, if they are spending more time on their phone or online, or if they are acting differently in general, these may all be red flags.

So how can we protect ourselves in this new world where everyone carries one around with them all day long?

Here are 10 great ways for you to monitor a mobile phone to help you get the answers to your lingering trust issues.

You may benefit from any of these spy apps for cell phones. Especially when it comes to protecting a loved one such as your children and family’s cell phones.



mSpy is a digital assistant that helps people to monitor text messages, current GPS location, calls, emails, social media platforms, and much more. It has a lot of advantages for modern-minded users.

mSpy helps them to keep tabs on loved ones’ smartphone activities without fear of being caught. Parents can use it and always able to know what their kid is up to online and raise a red flag if danger occurs.

Any parental monitoring software can be used to catch cheating. mSpy is one of the most popular parental monitoring software on the market. It has helped many users to keep their families safe and secure.

While the internet provides a wealth of resources that can be extremely helpful, it is also important to be aware of the risks and behaviors that exist online.

One way to help protect kids is to use mSpy, a tracking and monitoring software that captures a wide range of data from smartphones.


This data includes call logs, emails, text messages, browsing history, social networks, multimedia content, and location. By having this information at your fingertips, you can help ensure that your kids are safe online and not exposed to any dangers.

In addition, mSpy can also be used to monitor and track your kids’ activity levels, helping you to ensure that they are not spending too much time online.

mSpy can help you give your child the best possible online experience by providing peace of mind and a sense of security.

mSpy can record keystrokes, restrict calls from undesired numbers, block access to programs, websites, and apps, lock devices, and more.

In addition to being able to monitor text messages, emails, and social media activity, mSpy can also restrict calls from undesired numbers.

mSpy text message dashboard

It’s impossible to overestimate how important the Internet has become in our daily lives. From keeping in touch with friends and family to shopping, entertainment, and work, it’s hard to imagine life without the web.

However, as anyone with kids knows, the Internet can also be a dangerous place. As a parental phone monitor, mSpy is the #1 parental tracking tool for phone monitoring.

With mSpy installed on your child’s device, you can breathe a little easier knowing that you have a way to monitor their activity and protect them from harm.

mSpy gives you the ability to see what your child is doing online, who they’re talking to, and where they are.

You can even set up alerts so that you’re notified immediately if your child is trying to access something inappropriate.

mSpy also offers 24/7 customer support, so you can always get help if you need it.

Plus, with a large network of international online partners, you can be sure that mSpy has you covered no matter where you are in the world.


EyeZy phone spy monitoring track app

Most people are pretty protective of their phones. They don’t want anyone snooping around and seeing all the stuff they’ve got saved on there. But sometimes it’s necessary, whether you’re a parent trying to keep an eye on your kids or you’re just curious about what your significant other is up to.

Fortunately, there’s now a simple way to view all the pics, videos, and apps on someone’s phone without them knowing.

It’s called EyeZy and it’s a phone spying app that lets you see everything that’s going on with someone else’s phone.

If you’re looking for an easy and efficient way to monitor someone’s whereabouts, a monitoring app like EyeZy is the way to go.

With real-time location tracking, you can see where they are and where they’ve been, plus set up geofences to be alerted when they enter or leave certain areas. Whether you’re keeping tabs on a family member or tracking a company asset, eyeZy gives you the information you need in seconds.

Unlike other location tracking methods that we’ll discuss later, eyeZy isn’t limited to identifying someone’s whereabouts.

EyeZy allows you to check another person’s call logs, text messages, social media apps, media files, and calendar events. What’s more, you can record the target phone’s screen remotely and get keyword alerts. This makes it an ideal tool for keeping tabs on a cheating spouse or concerned parent.

It’s difficult to keep track of what is on our own phone, let alone someone else’s. Services such as iCloud make it possible to access someone’s photos and videos from any device, but that also means that anyone with your password can snoop through your camera roll.

EyeZy aims to provide a solution by allowing users to view photos and videos on their mobile phones. Once inside, EyeZy reveals photos and videos, and the viewer can scroll through their photos and watch their videos without fear of being caught. EyeZy is available for iPhone and Android devices.

However, it’s important to note that this level of surveillance comes with a high price tag. In addition, there are some serious ethical concerns to consider before using this type of spyware. Check your local laws prior to using any spyware.

So why wait? Get started today with EyeZy and make sure you know where your loved ones or critical assets are at all times.



If you’re looking for a phone locator that works with any cell phone and mobile network provider, Scannero is a great option. You can track any mobile phone number with Scannero, and the service doesn’t require installation.

Plus, you can locate as many devices as you want.

Using Scannero is simple: just visit the official site, type in a phone number, and find the location. The whole process takes about two minutes.

Here is how Scannero works.

You visit the Scannero website and type in a phone number. The website then uses GPS to track the phone’s location. The whole process takes about two minutes.

Scannero is compatible with all mobile network providers, so you can use it to track any mobile phone number. Additionally, Scannero doesn’t require installation and allows you to locate as many devices as you want.

In order for Scannero to work, the target phone needs to be turned on and connected to the Internet. The SIM card must be active, too. Scannero will notify you about the target person’s exact location when they share it.

Scannero is perfect when you need to locate someone urgently.

However, if you want to gain deeper insight into another person’s smartphone activity, we recommend that you try a monitoring app like mSpy and EyeZy.

Monitoring apps provide a wide range of features that allow you to track all of the target person’s activity, including their call history, text messages, and social media activity.

In addition, most monitoring apps also come with GPS tracking capabilities, so you can always know where the target person is. They are ideal for gaining a full understanding of someone’s daily routines and behavior.


Hoverwatch mobile phone spy tracker

If you’re looking for a spying app that will let you see what your boyfriend is up to without him knowing, Hoverwatch is a good option. All you have to do is log into your account and then browse for his activities.

Hoverwatch is legal, so you won’t have to worry about malware or viruses. Plus, it’s not just for spying on boyfriends – it can also be used to monitor your kids’ activities online or keep an eye on your employees.

With Hoverwatch, you can check call logs, text messages, and social media apps. So if you’re curious about what your boyfriend is up to, this app can give you the answers you’re looking for.

Using this app, you can check call logs, text messages, and social media apps. So if you’re curious about what he’s up to, Hoverwatch is the perfect solution.

The Hoverwatch app is a powerful tool that can help you keep track of everything that’s happening on your phone.

This can be incredibly useful if you have any suspicions about their activities. Additionally, if the user changes their SIM card, you will be notified immediately.

However, it should be noted that some of Hoverwatch’s more powerful features are only accessible if you jailbreak the app.

Nevertheless, Hoverwatch is a powerful tool that can be used to track and monitor virtually any phone.

With Hoverwatch, you can see everything that’s happening in real time, including the calendar notes, browser search history, and To-do list.

You can also set up alerts so that you’re notified immediately if anything changes on the phone. And if you have any suspicions, you can check the phone’s location to see exactly where it is. If the user changes his or her SIM card, you’ll be notified about that as well.

Overall, Hoverwatch is an incredibly useful app that can help you stay on top of everything that’s happening on your phone.


When it comes to a huge cache of features, XNSPY will keep you posted about your friends and business on the go from anywhere, anytime. Sift through important cell phone logs of your kids or take note of your employees’ latest social media updates without even intruding them. XNSPY’s dynamic monitoring is your easy-way around to have a check on the mobile devices of the people around you.

XNSPY as a Solution

XNSPY offers a plethora of services for the same price as any other app or mobile tracking service for the same price range. Users find that they will end up using services they didn’t even know they needed.

Some of the services users find most useful are:

· Tracking App Usage

With this XNSPY feature, one can track what apps the devices use and what your loved one does in those apps. What apps are deleted and what apps are downloaded. So any app used to ‘hide’ certain things can be tracked. Or any deleted app, which wasn’t meant for you to see, can also be tracked.

A popular trend among teens nowadays is to download seemingly harmless apps titled things like “Calculator” or “Audio Manager”. The insides of these apps will seem pretty innocent too until a specific password or button is pressed and a gallery folder is revealed. These apps are usually used to hide sensitive material from parents.

· WhatsApp Spy

Users can now track the activity of WhatsApp, which arguably is the most used messaging app, taking over traditional text messaging and even Facebook. Users can track who the device is in contact with through WhatsApp and what they’re saying.

This feature comes in most use when users were looking to track messages anyway and weren’t getting any luck with tracking the traditional text messages. Even the media transfers such as exchanged files, pictures, audio or video can be looked after.

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· Geo-fences

Much like the geo-fences in your car’s tracker, the geo-fences in a device with XNSPY can be set to certain geographical locations. Users can set boundaries they find suitable for the person the app is intended for.

For example, teens who have a set curfew or say they’re going to study over at a friend’s but really they might be going out to a party or even in a dangerous part of town. If the person who the app is intended for crosses a geo-fence, an alarm message will be immediately sent to the owner of the software, with their exact location. The user can then confront the person about this.

· Real Time Tracking

A unique feature for XNSPY is its real time tracking. Users can track devices in real time; the app will show you a map much like the one in Google Maps with a pin on their location. If you’re not too keen on constantly looking at where they are going, a tracking log will be available for you with all their locations and the times at which they were at these locations.

These are great features for a business whose employees work remotely or on the road such as taxi drivers. Real time tracking is a unique safety feature as well, for example a person might be accused of something they had nothing to do with, or as a parent, your children who you are responsible for will always be under an eye. This way you don’t have to constantly contact them asking where they are, and seldom in these situations do they pick up.

· Facebook Spy

Your child’s most used app or website is probably Facebook, whether they enjoy using the app or not. Much of their social presence and activity will be on Facebook as for many people Facebook was the first social media platform they joined (for the newer generation anyways). If it isn’t their first, it definitely is the longest they’ve been on a social media website.

XNSPY allows you to track Facebook activity, who they’re friends with, what groups they are in and who they are messaging. XNSPY allows users to track Facebook Messenger too, a popular messaging app among teens and adults alike.

Almost everyone you know is on Facebook and so the most amount of people anyone would contact is through Facebook. Having Facebook Spy or Facebook Messenger spy is a great feature that one can take advantage of.

XNSPY has an endless list of features to monitor. Use it to view:

Screen Recording: WhatsApp, Tinder, Youtube, Facebook Messenger, Line, Instagram, SnapChat, Viber, Signal, Facebook App, Kik, Telegram.

Monitor Phone Calls and Messages: View Call Logs, View Text Messages, Watchlist Contacts.

Instant Messenger Chats and Multimedia: Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Line, iMessage Chats, Kik Messenger, Screen recorder, WhatsApp, Tinder Messages, Signal, Viber, Skype Chats, Telegram.

Track GPS Location: Current Location, Location History, Monitor Specific Locations, Location Alerts.

Read Emails and Monitor Online Activities: Sent and Received Emails, Monitor Bookmarks, Monitor GMail app, Browsing History, Keyword Specific Alerts, Wi-Fi Network Logs.

Record Phone Calls and Surroundings: Record and Listen to Phone Calls, Record and Listen to Phone Surroundings.

Remotely Control Target Mobile Phone or Tablet: Lock Device, Remotely Wipe Device, View Installed Apps List, Block Apps, Keylogger, Live Screenshots, Remote Command, XNSPY Control Panel.

XNSPY 24/7 Instant Alerts: Alerts on Specific Contacts, Alerts on Specific Words, Specific Locations and SIM Card Changes.

Actuarial Reports: Top 5 Callers, Top 10 Frequently-Visited Websites, Top 5 Call Durations, Call Time Activity Review.

View Photos, Videos and Calendar Entries. And MUCH MORE!

XNSPY offers a plethora of features probably unmatched with its competition. Along with the features mentioned above, several other equally as useful and equally as intuitive features are present in the app. Business owners, parents or people who are just curious have written to us explaining their own use of the app and how it has affected their daily life. Make use of the features in your own way and write to us about your own experiences!


Choose FlexiSPY, and you get the innovation, reliability and quality that comes with seventeen years of experience developing a technology that has been used by millions the world over.

Focused on Instant Messaging

For the younger generation, SMS and Phone calls are dead — it’s all about social media and instant messengers. FlexiSPY is designed to be the premier instant messaging monitoring application with features such as capturing both sides of the conversation, and the ability to view stickers.

Monitor All Audio Streams

Unlike other applications out there, FlexiSPY allows you to listen to and record audio from sources like regular phone calls, and IM calls like those made over Facebook Messenger.

Flexispy express pre-installed spy monitoring track mobile phone

Powerful Remote Control

Turn your phone into a remotely controlled camera and video recorder — open the phones microphone to listen to surroundings.

Free FlexiVIEW Mobile App

Access recent and critical data on-the-move with our intuitive mobile viewer app for Android and iPhone — free with every purchase.

Always Know With App Screenshot

IM’s updated all the time. When this happens competitors rush to play catch-up to update their software, and you lose out on valuable chats.

Our unique app screenshot feature means when an app like WhatsApp is updated, you won’t notice because you’ll still be able to see screenshots of the chats.

The Best For Value

Value means different things to different people.

Whether you’re a budget conscious buyer, or a professional who cannot compromise on being able to get every piece of information available, FlexiSPY’s product range has you covered.


cocospy home

If you want to spy on a phone without accessing it, you can use Cocospy as it is quite a user-friendly app for tracking someone’s phone. A distinctive feature of this app is that it works for Android and iOS, both. It has more than 35 tracking features, giving you the liberty to track your boyfriend’s location, his messages on social media apps and emails.

Cocospy is a great option since it does not require jailbreaking. Even as a novice in tech and phone apps, you can learn how to use the app easily. As soon as you install the app, the icon will go away so no one will know that you have installed the app on your phone. To spy on your boyfriend, you will need his iCloud information. That is all! This app will track the other person’s phone, without any interference in their activity so they will not be able to detect that their phone is being tracked. Everything from the person’s usernames and passwords to their contact names will be known by you.

For Android, users will need access to the target’s phone for just 5 seconds. The app is 2MB and it will be quickly installed on the target’s phone. After setting up the account login, you do not need the target’s phone anymore. You can just track them using your own phone. The icon for the downloaded app will disappear from their phone and they will never know an app was installed in the first place. No root is required so even if you are not a tech expert, this app makes spying a breeze for you.


  • Works legitimately
  • Does not bring any virus to your device
  • Is compatible with iOS and Android
  • Does not leave any trace on the target’s phone
  • Has affordable payment plans

The first step to spy on a phone without accessing it is to download the Cocospy app and make an account. Then you will be well on your way to spying on your lover.



Spyic is also a powerful spying app that lets you see almost everything that the other person is doing on their phone. You can look through their phonebook and see who is on the contact list. Also, you can read their Whatsapp messages and also see the media that was shared between the two parties. This app also gives you access to browser history and call logs.

Spyic is a web application that is used to track Android phones and iPhones remotely from any web browser. It is quite a popular tracking solution that can see a phone’s location without the knowledge of the phone owner.

It is a quite acclaimed phone tracking solution, with positive reviews in a lot of authority media outlets such as PCMag, Mashable, TechRadar, etc.

There is no need to be in proximity to the phone you wish to track. In fact, you can use Spyic to track the phone location from any corner of the world.

More importantly, you can check their call history and text messages. Along with that, you can go through their emails, phonebook, and photos. However, there are shortcomings in this app. First of all, there is no option to check someone’s calendar. Secondly, the interface is not so user-friendly so you will have to get used to getting around different options. When you try to access the call logs, you will only see the phone number and not the name of that contact.

You will be able to see all the apps your boyfriend has installed on his phone. Moreover, you will be able to see the audios, media files, and pictures that he is sending on any app. To track his location, you can see his current location in real-time.

Since Spyic is an advanced app, it also has additional features like Keylogger. This feature lets you see every keystroke that is being made on the other person’s phone. This comes in handy when you need to extract passwords of different social media accounts.


Neatspy is another great mobile tracking tool by using Google Map. It also offers tracking solutions for both- iPhones and Android devices.

The great thing about Neatspy is its usability. It is designed to be used by anyone and everyone, regardless of their technical knowledge or expertise. It works through an online dashboard and you just need to click on a feature to use it.

Besides that, it also has a great user support interface. If you face any issue with using the app, the user support team of Neatspy will thoroughly assist you with the issue.


Spyier online phone tracker with Google Map is a secret phone locator that works like the best of these apps. It has Google Map integrations that can show the live location of the person and their recent locations as well.

It just needs a one time setup (around five minutes or so), after which you can track someone’s phone for a lifetime. It also provides secret phone tracking solutions too.


In this day and age, it’s increasingly difficult to trust your partner. With so many opportunities for cheating, it’s natural to be concerned about what your significant other is up to when you’re not around.

Thankfully, there are a number of ways to keep tabs on your partner’s activities, even if they’re trying to keep things hidden.

By installing a tracking app on their phone, you can see who they’re talking to, where they’re going, and what they’re doing. You can even read their text messages and listen to their phone calls.

If you suspect that your partner is cheating, these choices give you the ability to find out for sure. Just choose the app that suits you best and track his every movement.

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