Best 10 Ways How to Monitor iOS Devices

Best 10 Ways How to Monitor iOS Devices - Making Sense of Security

Best 10 Phone Monitoring Apps for iPhone and iPad In today’s age of digital advancements, the utilization of gadgets has become an indispensable aspect of our daily routines. Younger generations, particularly children and teenagers, strive to keep up with the latest trends, resulting in their widespread use of smartphones. However, the nature of the content

10 Best Ways to Locate a Lost Mobile Phone

10 Best Ways to Locate a Lost Mobile Phone - Making Sense of Security

How to Find a Lost Cell Phone Each year, many people lose their cell phones. More times than many may want to admit. The number of people who lose their cell phones each year is difficult to determine with certainty, as there is no central database that tracks phone loss statistics. However, based on various

7 Warning Signs You’re Being Catfished

How to Prevent Being Catfished - Making Sense of Security

How to Prevent Being Catfished Catfishing is a term used to describe the practice of creating a false identity online in order to deceive someone, usually for personal gain or to carry out some kind of scam.  This can involve using fake photos, names, and other personal information to create a completely fictional persona.  The

5 Best Phone Apps to Spy on Your Love

5 Best Phone Apps to Spy on Your Love - Making Sense of Security

Best 5 Phone Monitoring Apps Are you suspicious that your boyfriend could be cheating on you? Do you feel helpless because of your doubts but lack the evidence to confront him?  Such uncertainty can cause a great deal of frustration and anxiety.  These days, it’s easier than ever for a partner to engage in deceptive

How AI-Created Art Can Be Damaging

Dangerous Side of AI Created Art- Making Sense of Security

Negatives of AI-Created Art AI-created art is a relatively new field that is still being explored and debated. While AI-generated art has the potential to revolutionize the field of art, there are some potential negatives to consider.  Some of the negatives of AI-created art include Negative Consequences of Creating AI Art One negative consequence of

Artificial Intelligence Safety Concerns

Artificial Intelligence Safety Concerns - Making Sense of Security

Safety Concerns Using Artificial Intelligence  One of the primary concerns is the potential for unintended consequences, where an AI system may produce unexpected outcomes or behavior that were not anticipated by its designers.  The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents several safety concerns, particularly in safety-critical applications such as healthcare, transportation, and manufacturing.  For example,

Security Risks with Artificial Intelligence

Security Risks with Artificial Intelligence - Making Sense of Security

How AI Can Compromise Security With the recent popularity of chat GPT, many have become interested in using AI tools to benefit from the convenience of saving time and doing less work. However, where there are pros, there are also cons. As with any technology, AI systems can present security risks, particularly when they are

Is Your Mobile Phone Unsecure?

Is Your Mobile Phone Unsecure - Making Sense of Security

10 Best Ways to Keep Your Mobile Phone Secure Mobile phones are an integral part of our daily lives, and we use them for a wide range of activities, including communication, banking, shopping, social media, and accessing sensitive information.  This makes them a prime target for cyber attacks and hacking attempts.  Why You Need to

Can Satellite Phones be Tracked?

satellite phones - Making Sense of Security

What You Need to Know About Satellite Phones What Exactly are Satellite Phones Satellite phones, also known as “satphones”, are mobile phones that communicate with orbiting satellites instead of terrestrial cell towers. They use radio waves to communicate with the satellite, which in turn relays the signal to a ground station, where it is then

How a Mobile Phone Can Be Monitored

How a Mobile Phone Can Be Monitored- Making Sense of Security

Ways Your Mobile Phone Can Be Spied On Mobile phones can be monitored in a number of ways, some of which may require specialized software or tools.  The practice of monitoring mobile phones can have serious implications for the privacy and security of individuals.  While there may be legitimate reasons for monitoring, such as for

What is Cybersecurity and How it Affects Your Personal Data

What is Cybersecurity and How it Affects Your Personal Data - Making Sense of Security

How You Can Be Protective of Your Own Private Information Cybersecurity is essential for personal security because it helps to protect individuals from various types of cyber threats, such as identity theft, online scams, hacking, and data breaches.  These threats can have serious consequences, including financial losses, reputational damage, and exposure of sensitive personal information.

Get Yourself Cybersecure for 2023

How to get yourself Cybersecure - Making Sense of Security

How You Can Keep Yourself Digital Safe! Technology is changing our lives for the better; yet it’s also exposing us to organised crime, online scammers and hackers – and whole industries built around monetising our personal data. But you don’t have to be resigned to cyber-victimhood. Give yourself, and your devices, a security update for

How to Install Android Spy App Remotely

How to Install Android Spy App Remotely - Making Sense of Security

  How to Install Mobile Phone Spy App for Android Remotely Monitoring and tracking a cell phone has become quite easy with today’s technology. Using spyware can be advantageous depending which side of the coin you are on. Adding monitoring software to a mobile device can be done so smoothly. This is great when it

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